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I made this quiz which is dedicated to the gotoquiz users, Calypso1315 and HogwartsLove. They are two of the most amazing people on here and I decided it's time for them to get more recognition. =) x

HogwartsLove and Calypso1315 are both inspirational girls, both who write amazing stories and have a huge impact on our lives. We love them and we need them. Without their writing abilities and super-heroic personalities, we won't be who we are today.

Created by: Aria

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  1. I know I haven't actually been updating. Ou! The contests are coming to the end, only eight more days. Maybe you're excited, maybe not. I have 'summoned' you here to talk about that. Today, ladies and gentlemen, I have called you to talk about two amazing people: HogwartsLove and Calypso1315. Two people who need more recognition for the happiness they spread.
  2. Firstly, I'd like to start with *drum rolls* HogwartsLove! Yes, we all know how amazing she is. I would say the world of nicest things about her, but is it really enough? Are words really enough to describe her? I think not. HogwartsLove has changed many lives here; inspired so many people; shared her love and lastly, made us wait patiently for her next quiz, till 2 o' clock in the morning. I'm not saying names *points at self* LOL. Seriously, she's changed my life. Without her, Gotoquiz won't be the same, ever. I don't think I'll live if she ever quits. HogwartsLove, if you are reading this, you are incredibly phenomenal. Everytime I read any one of your quizzes, I feel like...well...I can't explain it right now. It's like that feeling of complete joy, nothing can top it.
  3. Oliver...oh dear, Oliver. I'm waiting for him to propose for the longest while and don't think my obsession with him is over. I still want to meet Sean Biggerstaff, I think if I do though, I'll hug him so hard, his rib cage will be damaged. HogwartsLove, you are just like J.K. Rowling, you're her mini. You're everything she is. You're perfect, smart, amazing, sweet, kind, caring, immortal =P, brilliant. The adjectives can't describe you. You are indescribable. *hearts*
  4. Now to Calypso1315. You. I can't even...Whenever I see an email from you, or something that just says CALYPSO, I start grinning like mad. My parents wonder sometimes what's wrong with me because there's a type of music called Calypso in our country because of Africa, or something like that. Well, how to explain it? My country has all different types of people. We have the christians, the hindus, the muslims, the catholics, the baptists and anything you can think of. ANYWAY, Calypso1315, I first knew of you because of reading your comments on natuhleegayle's quizzes. I positively LOVED your comments, did I tell you? From then on, I started checking out your quizzes and reading the Percy Jackson Love Story. I always wait eagerly for an email, telling me you updated. I just love reading that story. I remember when I knew nothing of PJ and I read your story; it gave me an insight into Percy Jackson and I didn't feel so stupid anymore :P
  5. Cal, I know I just spoke about something random there but your personality and everything about you is just mind blowing. You are perfection. I know I can always come to you when I want help with something, you're always there, helping a friend, sticking up to a cyber-bully, or something that's you. You need MORE recognition that you get on here and that hater needs to stop hating. Don't even worry about her because we are all here whenever you need help. We are the Gotoquiz Protection Association, dontcha think? You are too extraordinary to be true and I think you deserve more than just two paragraphs on a quiz. You deserve a lot more. THANK YOU FOR JUST BEING YOU CAL!
  6. HogwartsLove and Calypso1315, you two girls mean so much to me, you made a great impact on my life. I don't think I'd ever be the same if you left. You two make us gotoquizers so happy, it's truly delightful to see how their smiling faces are when you update. I know I haven't been online much but that doesn't change anything. I still think of the both of you as my sisters, nonetheless, wishing the best for you everytime. Stay strong x
  7. HogwartsLove, you've received one message from xxblutixx "I think you're an absolutely amazing author and i'm practically dying to read the oliver proposing scene XD" =)
  8. Calypso1315, you have received one new message from xxblutixx. " i love the detail you put into your writing, and i'm a horrible person for not reading PJLS yet and i'm reading "the Odyssey" and you were mentioned." =)
  9. You both are loved from everyone on here, I hope nothing gets in the way of your dreams because you are too amazing. You both are beautiful girls who deserve the very best =)
  10. Guys, on a short note. I realised a lot of people are being hated on, or bullied and etc on here and in person. I don't appreciate that. I don't care if you don't value my opinion or what is read here, you just skim through it. Hating on someone who is brilliant and sweet, is low. Just low. You need to realise that hating is just ridiculous and maybe later on, in the years to come, things will get worse if you don't stop. Stop bullies and haters. YOU can make a difference in this world, if you all, just one by one contribute to the kindness and stand up for those who are being bullied. Tell a teacher, a parent, a person in authority. Tell SOMEONE because bullies are need to be brought into the light and need to be taught a lesson. Do they realise how they've hurt so many people over the years? Do they know how many girls and boys are suicidal because of hate? Everyone gets hate, yes but why? Why can't we all live peacefully? I don't think it's fair to bully and hate on people who have a lot going on and is trying to make a good impact on the world. Just stop the bullies, you have the power in your hands to do what you want. Choose the right path. Jump to the sky! x

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