Percy Jackson Love Story pt 2

Welcome to Part Two of Percy Jackson Love Story! Now, I'm sorry, if this is bad, as I'm writing this, it's 2:30 a.m., so sorry. Another big MASSIVE thank you to @HogwartsLove, for her extremely motivational comments! I love you girl! And also, to @natuhleegayle for helping me with tight spots! Thanks, HUMONGOUS thanks, to both of them!

Will you get the guy of you're dreams? Or will you remain just friends? Well, take the Percy Jackson Love Story quiz and find out for yourself! Good luck!

Created by: Calypso1315

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  1. You turn around to see a very tall, smiling man. You squinted up at him. "Are you Violet Wildes?"he repeated. You realized you were gaping at him in awe- mostly because from the waist down, he was a horse. "Uh...yeah," you said, swallowing, "I'm gonna take a random guess and say you're Chiron?" he smiled even broader. "Yes. I am Chiron, activities director for the camp. Welcome," he said. You smiled hugely in thanks. "Chiron?" asked Percy, from your right. Chiron nodded at him. "Is it alright if Cassidy and I show Violet around?" Chiron laughed. "Percy, you've only been here for a day, and you're already volunteering to show new campers around," he said, "alright. Go ahead! Be careful!" Percy nodded, and motioned for you to follow him.
  2. "Alright, so did your....Naiad...tell you what this camp is for?" Percy asked, and you shook your head. "The only thing Cass told me was that it was a camp for Demigods," you replied. He nodded. "Alright, so basically what this camp is, is a training camp. Trains young godliness for battle!" he said, with heavy emotion dancing in his green eyes. You nodded, this was a lot to take in in just one day. "Wait: battle?" you asked. Cassidy, who you had almost forgotten was there, placed a comforting hand on your shoulder. " Dont worry," she said, "you'll do great!" You nodded yet again.  Percy took you around and showed you everything from the strawberry fields to the amphitheater. He was extremely enthusiastic about everything. He even introduced you to his friend Grover, who was a Satyr. 
  3. "Hi, I'm Grover," he said, extending a hand. "Violet," you said with a smile, extending yours. He and Percy went on to bring you and Cassidy to the sword fighting arena. When you entered the were two people already there, a boy and a girl, wearing fencing masks. You could tell their gender by the long blonde hair trailing down one of their backs, and the manlike grunts coming from the other. It ended when the girl pinned the guy against a wall with both of their swords pointed at him. He gave a loud laugh. "What the heck, Annabeth!? I can never seem to beat you anymore," he said,  pulling off his mask, revealing a handsome boy of about sixteen, with sandy blonde hair and a permanent smile. The girl pulled off her mask too, and appeared to be blushing. The boy turned his attention to you, Percy, Cassidy and Grover standing there. He beamed at Percy and Grover, and winked at Cassidy.
  4. He strode over, with large, confident steps. "Hi," he said, "I'm Luke." he extended his hand to you, looking you straight in the eye. You suddenly realized you were flustered. Suddenly Cassidy nudged you in the ribs, and you said "Oh, I'm Violet, but you can all me Vi, if you like," you said, not nearly as confident as him, looking into his blue eyes, that seemed so sincere. "Oh that's alright. You're probably just still getting over Annabeth's amazing sword skills," he said, gesturing to the blonde girl, who had walked over. "I'm..well, Annabeth, and I take it you're Violet," she said. You were immediately intimidated by her, especially after what you just saw her do with a sword. She wasn't very friendly, she didn't offer to shake your hand.
  5. "Well, we really should be going," Percy said, clearing his throat, somehow noticing you were getting lost in Luke's eyes. "Yeah, Percy and I a showing Vi around," said Cassidy, "I only just brought her in." Luke raised his eyebrows. "Is that so? Do you mind if I tagging along? I mean, no offense, Perce, but I've been here longer, and might be of more help to get Vi settled and all," Luke said, while giving you a big smile. Percy shot a look at you, while you said: 
  6. Well, despite what you said, Luke went along with you guys anyway. "Did you show her the cabins yet Percy?" Luke asked, and Percy shook his head. "I was actually just getting to that....." he trailed off. "Okay, well, basically, Violet, when you're claimed by you're Godly parent, you're placed in one of twelve cabins. If you're lucky, or maybe not, we haven't decided, you're a kid of the Big Three," he started. "Wait, is it your mom or your dad?" "My mom is the Godly one. My dad is a....mortal?" you said, and Luke nodded. "Well then, you're not a kid of the Big Three. Okay, so since you're mom is the Godly one, that narrows it down a bit. You could be Aphrodite's girl, or maybe, you could be like Annabeth and have you're mom be Athena, goddess of wisdom and battle strategy. Or maybe your mom is Demeter? Who knows? But when you are claimed, you move into the cabin dedicated to that goddess." Luke then went on to show you every cabin, and tell you who it was for, Percy grunting indignantly the whole time.
  7. "Well, those are the cabins!" he said cheerily, as you stared into his mesmerizing eyes once again. "Hey, Luke? What about those cabins over there," Grover asked, nodding his head in the direction of a large, white cabin and then to a small brown one. Luke nodded and opened his mouth to speak. "Well, Grover, that large white one belongs to Hera, who is the goddess of family. She doesn't have children with mortals, so she has no demigod children. And that brown one belongs to Artemis, goddess of the moon, who swore eternally maidenhood. So, no kids for her either," Luke said with a small frown. "Well, I should be going now! It was very nice to meet you, Violet. I hope to see you at the bonfire tonight!" he said, nodding at you, giving you one more smile which you returned, then walking off. "Bonfire?" you ask Percy as you turned back to him. "Yeah, every night there's this big bonfire, with marshmallows and sing alongs with the Apollo cabin and everything," Percy said, obviously glad to be rid of Luke. 
  8. "Ooh, that sounds like so much fun!" you said. You were surprised at yourself. You weren't hyperventilating, you weren't in denial, or anything. Everything that Percy and Luke just told you seemed normal to you. And you were almost glad. This place seemed so amazing! Suddenly the weight of your backpack suddenly dawned on you. "Hey, um, Percy?" he nodded at you. "Is there somewhere I can put down my bag?" he looked extremely glad you asked. "Actually, yes! Hermes cabin!" he said cheerfully, grabbing you by the arm, and tugging you off to a rather large cabin. You said goodbye to Grover, and grabbed Cassidy by the wrist. He entered the cabin yelling "Sup, guys?" The many kids in the cabin noticed you were new. "Regular or u determined?" a girl asked you. "She's undetermined. And she just arrived," said Percy, as everyone groaned. Then, a tall boy about thirteen, with brown hair and black eyes stood up. "Oh, come on guys, you can be nicer then that!" he exclaimed, and walked over to you. He smiled and said, "Hi, I'm Devin. Welcome to Hermes Cabin!" You smiled, and extended your hand, which he took. "Hi I'm Violet. Are you a regular or undetermined?" you asked, feeling very cool for asking. He laughed. "Undetermined, just like you." You nodded, and set down your stuff next to where Percy motioned you to. 
  9. For the next few hours, you hung out with Percy, Devin and Cassidy. You felt so normal here, strangely enough. Then Percy had to say, "Come on! Time for dinner!" and ran quickly towards a pavilion. You, Cassidy and Devin walked slower then Percy. When you got there, a man you hadn't seen before stepped up and welcomed 'Vivian Worner' to the camp. At first, you were confused, but Percy grabbed you're hand and yelled out, "It's Violet Wildes!" Then he turned to you, and said, "Dont worry, Mr.D does that to everyone."  With that, everyone got up, with their plates, now filled with food, and picked up a piece of food, and dropped it into the fire. You stared at Devin questioningly. "Just look at the plate and tell it what you want. Then go up and put some in the fire. Offering to the Gods." You looked at your plate and wished for your favorite food, then walked up and put some in the fire. When you sat back down, you almost swallowed all the food hole, you didn't realize how hungry you'd been.
  10. It felt like no time had passed, when suddenly the others where shooing you out of the pavilion, yelling about how it was time for the bonfire.  Devin smiled at you, and grabbed your hand. "Come on!" he cried, as he ran off, dragging you along. "Devin! I'm gonna trip! You cried out, when suddenly he stopped. "Here we are!" You shook your head at him and laughed. Soon after, Cassidy and Percy appeared by your side. You all sat down toward the relative front, wanting to make sure you got a good seat. After twenty minutes, and about ten songs about things you really did want to talk about, Apollo cabin had just begun a song about 'a really special girl' when the was a collective gasp. You looked up; you had been staring into the fire, thinking about your dad. Every eye was on you. Well, above your head. You looked up just in time to see a silvery thing just disappearing.
  11. "All hail Violet, Daughter of......."
  12. Dont hate me; I know, I'm such a tease! Well, I had to make sure you'd tune in for my next installment. And to try and make up for it, heres a sneak peek of   PJLS pt 3!: You stared into his sea green eyes. Captivating. At first you didn't here what exactly he was saying. But he was saying your name repeatedly, and you snapped back to reality.

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