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I love crocodiles. Do you? I do. I love crocodiles. Lovey Dovery Overy Smuvey. Filler Filler Filler McFiller. Have you read the Percy Jackson books? I have.

I enjoy Percy Jackson. I also like Harry Potter. My favorite is the Goblet of Fire. I also like donuts. I'm giving them up for Lent. Instead I will eat crossaints. Whoop, out of time.

Created by: Jacob

  1. Which of these continents are crocodiles NOT found in?
  2. True or False: Crocodiles have "U" shaped snouts
  3. What family do crocodiles belong in (along with gators, caiman, and gharials)
  4. What was the name of the Egyptian crocodile god?
  5. Baby crocodiles eat mainly
  6. If a crocodile egg is in warm tempuaratures, what is the sex of the newborn croc?
  7. When a crocodile tears the limb off an animal by rolling around with it in its jaws, it is called a:
  8. Female crocodiles blow bubbles to invite makes to mate
  9. How big do crocs get?
  10. Alright, uh, True or False: Some crocs are herbivorous

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