GTQ Writer Network Celebrity Spotlight: Miss Aria

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Welcome everyone to the first GTQ celebrity spotlight dedication! Your host is me, xxblutixx, and I'm here to give recognition to the "celebrities" of GTQ's writer community.

Today, we are featuring the one, the only: Aria! Aria is the author of a Harry Potter quiz series here on GTQ, however, what she is most known for is being a very sweet, supportive person.

Created by: xxblutixx

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  1. Who is Aria in the writing community you might ask? She writes a Harry Potter quiz series called "A Simple Hogwarts Story" under an alternate username. I would advise you to check it out if you have interest in that area.
  2. Furthermore, Aria is very well-known for being an extremely sweet and thoughtful person. An example? Just read any of her comments on quizzes :)
  3. In addition, Aria is a very supportive fan to several series. She's greatly supported TheRecklessBam's quizzes, and many others, including those often overlooked writers on this site (for some of these, check out her quiz "Writers that NEED to be recognized")
  4. Aria is also the internet "sister" of TheRecklessBam and, more recently, singing234.
  5. If you've been browsing through the newest quiz list the past couple of days, you may have come across several of these types of quizzes dedicated to Aria...
  6. In fact, she's already inspired 4 of these. However, she's as modest as ever and didn't think there will be more. However, I enjoy defying expectations, so I made this :)
  7. As you may see by now, or already know, Aria is very well-liked by many in this writer community.
  8. She's become an integral part of the community and has inspired many writers and given them the heart to continue with their stories.
  9. Her own series may not have many parts, but it's off to a good start. With it being lauded several times recently, I hope we can all give Aria the same amount and quality of support to her series as she has given to ours.
  10. In conclusion, Aria is a great part of the writer network here at GTQ. She deserves these dedication quizzes as well as so much more, but I hope you'll join me in a round of *internet* applause for Aria!

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