Aria, She's amazing!

To acknowledge how Aria is awesome. She's awesome. Very awesome indeed. I wish I was awesome. We are awesome. I hate this word thing. It totally sucks

Aria is awesome. Did you hear of guitars? I like acoustic paintings are awesome voldermort is ralph fiennes. No lie He has a huge nose in real, it's so funny.

Created by: musicspeakstome

  1. Hi. My name- musicspeakstome. I am currently just a gotoquiz user who comments on quizzes. I have been here for a while now and I would like to acknowledge one very dedicated and supportive fan of TheRecklessBam's. Her name- Aria.
  2. Aria has been TRB's number one fan ever since and she's supported TheRecklessBam for a very long time. People don't really know Aria because she goes under another alternative name to create a series called "A Simple Hogwarts Story." It's a very fascinating one and magial one bcause as xxblutixx said, "I can actually feel myself in those situations." Aria makes everyone around her feel loved, special and wonderful.
  3. Aria might not have noticed me but I have definitely noticed her. She's had FIVE quizzes made for and about her because she's amazing and very awesome. Not to mention, very intelligent. Aria has a great memory and always has the most wonderful things to say to people. I have not seen ONE comment negative posted by Aria or about Aria. She's always a positive girl and well, I wish I knew her in real because she seems like the sister I never had and always wanted.
  4. Aria's catchphrase is "Just remember: Eat pickles, green sour skittles and cucumbers." She isn't awkward or weird. She's wild and full of fun. She always have positive things in her mind and she's honest. I mean, she was the first one who said she LOVED Patch. I remember seeing Aria commenting on every one of TheRecklessBam's series and about a few minutes ago, I see that she told TheRecklessBam she's going to show J.K. Rowling some of TRB's work. That's how a true friend supposed to be. That's how everyone supposed to be. Wonderfully talented, creative and ambitious like Aria. A very contagious person with her sweetness spreading through the world
  5. Aria was the girl who made TheRecklessBam continued her series. If it wasn't for Aria, TheRecklessBam wouldn't continue her series. Thank Aria because she's awesome!
  6. OMG! Ambrosia's comment on TheRecklessBam's quiz was almost gonna make me cry. Why does Aria feel she isn't worth it? What's wrong? Support Aria, she's amazing but she doesn't think she's amazing. We have to show her how great she is. She is VERY popular on gtq and as far as I know, everyone she's met, loves her but she thinks everyone hates her. Why? She is loved by us right?
  7. I think everyone should appreciate Aria. She's wonderful and great and I know for a fact, there's some people that jealous her but she doesn't mind. She even mentioned the person in her quiz "Writers That NEED To Be Recognised." That's how nice Aria is.
  9. Please tell Aria how amazing she is, even if she doesn't believe you. I know she's amazing!
  10. Bye little ones.

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