Writers That NEED To Be Recognised =) Number 2 {Aria's}

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Hi. My name is Aria. Now, this is part two in Writers That NEED To Be Recognised. (: It's for all you amazing writers out there! You deserve a chance to shine (:

You can bless yourself, there's no need for someone's help, there's no one to blame, there's no one to save you but yourselfffff....You can justify all the mistakes in your life, it's taught you to be you, it's given you you and you'll survive, cuz you have blessed yourself

Created by: Aria

  1. Hi there! My name is Aria and I'll be your host for the day, telling you about writers that need to be recognised because their work is completely amazing (:
  2. Firstly, to my very dear friend, WTF_NINJA. She has an awesome series called "Crazy for you." You should read it. It's completely mind blowing and adorable (: Btw, she's my personal advisor as I said before and also my wedding planner with Sean Biggerstaff A.K.A Oliver Wood (:
  3. Now, to PuffBall. Where am I starting? RANDOM ROBOT DANCING! Party rockers in the house tonigghtt ^_^ Can you break dance PuffBall? Can Baby PuffBall really dance? (; Woww...I'm going off track. PuffBall has two series: The Mer Prophecy and Fearless. They are both awesome and I think people should go check it out. Be aware of her random outbursts though ! ^.^ It's funny and VERY MUCH entertaining (:
  4. Okay, now to Cometlight. We might not talk to each other but I do adore her work (: Her series is called "The Unforgiven and Unforgotten." There are twenty three parts so I suggest you hurry up and catch on. This story will have you hanging on to the edge of your seat and waiting eagerly for the next part ! ^.^
  5. Okay now to 5thMarauder. She has a Hogwarts Love story and it has lots of Oliver in it XD She said so herself. 5thMarauder and myself may have had a little incident in the past, where my cousin used my account and talked to her. -___- but she knows I'm sorry about it (: NOW IF YOU LOVE OLIVER LIKE WE DO, GO CHECK IT OUT!!!!!!!I SAID NOW! WELL AFTER THE QUIZ, DO YOU HEAR ME? (You: uhhh) DON'T UHHH MEEE! WILL YOU CHECK IT OUT? (You: sureeee) Don't lie otherwiseee...I will call Oliver for you xD
  6. Okay now to Calypso1315. She has a Percy Jackson love story. Interesting and wonderful, I might add (: Woohoo! It's amazzzinnnggg! You know why it's amazing? CUZ SHE MADE IT !
  7. Okay now to pielover511. I've read her quizzes and I think it's really good. She's doing great (: Welll..I think it's a 'her.' xD She loves pie though! ^.^ AND I LOVE PIE TOO!
  8. Okay now to DaughterOfApollo. She has about three fine and fantastic series going her way! One of them has to do with the Apollo's Curse. Check it out, when you have time or just make time to check it out because it's really good (: I KNOW THAT IT IS GOOD! DO YOU HEAR ME? NOW, LETS FLIP AND SAY "SKITTLES ARE THEEE BEST!"
  9. Now, natuhleegayle said spotty dinosaur has some really good quizzes. I haven't had time to check it out but I'm sure it's wonderful as ever (:
  10. Now to IcyDesignns. This person has ambition on their shoulders to reach to the highest star (: Your eyes will be glued to the page, your mouth will be hanging open and you will be demanding more.
  11. Now to Jinx_TheSleuth. Quizzes are off the freaking hook! It's just amazinging brilliant! ^_^ I suggest that you check out this series that she has made
  12. Now, lastly but not least, to Missy Prissy Cat- the Calisto LOVER! ^.^ (Me to missy prissy cat- your wedding will be arranged soon with him). She has only started a series a week ago or something like that. It's called Remember the future. For some reason, it isn't showing up on the new quiz list or when you type it in the forum. It's wonderfully written and if you like to dive into action, here is where you can live (: You can type up her username in the search thingy (xD) and check it out xD It's great!
  13. Okay, now here's something I want to tell everyone. You are beautiful in your own way. Don't let ANYONE AND I MEAN ANYONE bring you down because they aren't worth it. Let the bullies bully you. Later on, when you have a 'pretty car' and a mansion, you'll look down at them. If they feel that they're 'gangsters' that's their problem. They're nothing but a bunch of thugs. There's something called Karma. That's what the hindus call it. The saying that goes with it is "What does around, comes around." If a guy doesn't like you, don't impress him. Forget about him. It might be hard but do the things that you love to get him off your mind. That guy who doesn't like you GO TO FRIGGING HELL. (: Sorry for the language. If people push you around, let them. They will get in trouble further on in life. If you think you're ugly, fat or dumb, I'll slap you. NO ONE IS UGLY. Do you hear me? Ohh...and don't even get me started on cutting yourself. If I hear anyone of my friends cut themselves on gotoquiz, I promise them, I will seriously injure them. Treat your life with respect please. Your skin is a precious thing. Cutting yourself won't help. It'll only get you into trouble and school and with your parents and you can die. Do you know that razor blades and knives are poisonous? It is. Don't hurt yourself in anyway. Not even for a guy. Don't try to kill yourself. Do you know how much people care for you even if you don't know it? YOU ARE LOVED. Trust me. I almost died. Do you know how painful it is to be in a hospital? Even if it's a private hospital. Hurting yourself is injustice. Do you think God brought you onto this planet for you to cut yourself? NO. Even if you don't believe in God, believe in yourself. You have the power to do what's right. Your life is in your hands. Treat it with caution. Good night to you (:

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