Ddicatd tu natuhleegayle, TheRecklessBam, HogwartsLove

I would like to tell everyone or as in other words, raise awareness to the most amazing writers gotoquiz has seen. nauhleegayle, HogwartsLove and TheRecklessBam. Also, I know my spelling in the title is wrong but that's because gotoquiz complained and said the title was too long so I shortened it

Do you LOVEEEE natuhleegayle? Or is it HogwartsLove or perhaps it may be TheRecklessBam? Take this quiz to find out ! Thank you. Hopee you enjoy it! ^_^

Created by: Aria
  1. Alrite. I would first like to thank all of those who reads my series "A Simple Hogwarts Story." To be honest, I've always wanted to make a dedication to natuhleegayle, HogwartsLove and TheRecklessBam but I've been busy lately. Since it's the weekend, I guess I can spare some time
  2. Let's first start off with natuhleegayle. Isn't she just amazing? She can be the next J.K. Rowling ?
  3. To express how much I adore natuhleegaylee, I would like to tell her that she has been a great friend in my times of need of advice. She's the shoulder that's always there and I can't repay her debt in any way so thats why, we, the fans, have to make sure each and every one of her quizzes go on the home page and Today's Top Movers. Wouldn't that be awesome?
  4. Okay, I'm moving on to HogwartsLove. Where to begin? There's a lot of things I would say but words wouldn't be enough. Saying thank you wouldn't be enough either. She....she's one of the most amazing person's the world can have and her quizzes with Draco, Oliver & the others make it so romantic. I swear I cried when Draco erased my memory. Doing that was probably the hardest part for him but anywho, I wanted to say, even though it might not be enough, thank you for making the Hogwarts experience such a magical one.
  5. Now, to TheRecklessBam. The guys from her quizzes are hot, I admit it. Patch seems a little creepy though and the supposedly "bad boy" is a sweetheart. (Jake) The magic in it makes it entertaining and fun. And especially the part where the character's parents doesn't know where she is. Her quizzes have a positive impact on people and if she ever decides to stop writing which i hope she doesn't do, we shall show her how much she means to us. If she isn't a girl, then making those quizzes might be a little weird but I think I can vouch that she is a girl !
  6. I say, we support all of these writers to the extent where we can't possibly support anymore. They deserve something unimaginable and just knowing that they exist should put a smile on people's face. If ANYONE tries to bring them down it's only because these three writers are the best and the other person is just jealous of them. Remember, I'll be there to back them up with strong words if anyone tells them anything
  7. If you are any of their fans, I suggest you remember when their birthdays are. If you don't know, just ask them.
  8. I don't know what to say again but thanks for taking this quiz. I appreciate it a lot and if you guys have any time to spare, you can look up my series. I go by a different username to create it though. thanks x
  9. Well...these last two questions have no effect. Do you like Green Apples?
  10. Thank you again for taking this quiz and remember, without these writers, this site wouldn't be as lively
  11. Oops. Sorry that one before with the lively thing counts. Anywho, byee byee !

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