Noitect is Activated Part Ten. THE END {Aria's}

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The end is here. It's finally ended and I hope you guys are satisfied. I know a lot of people haven't been reading my story lately but oh well, I love you all.

I miss HogwartsLove. I guess I'll just spam her on Facebook, haha. And omg natuhleegayle. I hope she sees my message on Facebook and Wattpad. Yeah I hardly use Wattpad XD

Created by: Aria of Quizzaz/Quotev
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  1. And what was Lortnoc Rezagrats doing now? Walking over to me, walking through the carnage like it wasn't even there, like the marks of his villany didn't even exist. Between his thumb and forefinger, he pinched the zandoid. "So little, but so much power. I bet you don't know all the zandoid can do, Davina," he mocked me. I clutched God's body to myself, shielding it from Rezagrats. "They say this little gem can destroy the world if you shake it 20 times, but no one's been courageous enough to test it. How you truly know that's what it does, hm? How do you know it can't turn back time? Bring people back to life?" Rezagrats looks through the gem, his eye magnifying to look like a fly's eye.
  2. My heart caught in my throat. The zandoid was powerful, but no, it couldn't do that. "You're lying," I accused him, but he just grinned, showing all his teeth like a predator, "Fine. Let's test it. One..." He shook the zandoid and the entire building shook, plaster dust falling from the ripped up walls. "Two..." I almost jumped up to snatch the gem from his hands, but God's body began to glow. "Three...Four... " The body levitated, rose, and stood. "Five... Six..." God's arms reached out towards me. "Seven... " "..." God's voice... "Eight... " Louder, someone else's voice, "Davina!" I knew that voice, but it wasn't important, God was coming back to life. "Nine... Ten..." "Da...vina... my daughter... " God spoke again, and the sound of his voice again brought tears to my eyes. Tears of joy, everything would be all right now. "Eleven... Twelve..." .
  3. "Did you... actually think... I would ever desert you?" "No... I knew you'd come back for me one day," I whispered, the tears welling and blurring my vision. "Thirteen..." But something was wrong. The blur in my vision. The image of God distorted with the tears, flickering back and forth between existence and non-existence. Panic set in. What did I do now? I couldn't lose him again. "Fourteen..." Rezagrats. Rezagrats and God flickering back and forth in front of me. Who really was the one standing there? I didn't know. "Fifteen..." Oh my Godric. It was all an illusion. Rezagrats was only 5 shakes away from world destruction. "Sixeen..." I tried to get up, but I couldn't trust my vision. Carnage still stained it everywhere, I couldn't see. "Davina!" That voice again, a crash, a shatter, and suddenly all was clear. Just in time to see Tristen with the black vial crushed in his fist, smoke curling around him, and my mother's necklace flying through the air at me. Catching the gold necklace in my hand, I immediately felt whole again. Tristen held my gaze, and, in my mind, his voice rang clear as the smoke devoured him, "Give him hell. Only you, Davina."
  4. "Seventeen. Eighteen. NINETEEN." Rezagrats was losing it. I recklessly flew across the room and knocked the zandoid out of his hand. He was furious. He gnashed his teeth and frothed at the mouth, and it was all I could do was to hold on as he tore at me with hands like hooks. Desperate for something, I clutched my mother's necklace, and it shone with blinding, golden light. I was dimly aware as Rezagrats shrieked something incomprehensible as I fell and hit the ground, but the light overwhelmed me, and I found myself facing my mother. She was light, with white wings... an angel she was.
  5. I found tears at my eyes again. I felt like I was always crying. "Dear, don't cry, Davina..." she murmured, stroking my cheek and tucking a stray hair behind my ear, "It's all over. You did a good job." "But... God..." I choked out in a sob, "It's not right without Him.""Shh, it's all right, Davina," she whispered, pulling me close to her warm glow, "He will live on. Always. We all do, right? Hearts touch hearts, and, 'To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die'. That's from a poet named Thomas Campbell, and it's true, Davina. Whenever you feel lonely or miss anyone, remember that they're in your heart."
  6. "... Am I dead, mom? Can I stay here with you?" I asked hopefully. It was so tranquil here. No one to judge me, no drama to deal with, but she shook her head, "No, you may be an angel at heart, Davina, but it isn't your time yet to be up here. You still have the blessing of life." "But, mom, I miss you. Everything's been wrong in my life since you've been gone," I whimpered. I couldn't believe that after all this time, she would tell me that I had to go. No way. There was no way. I couldn't part with her again; it was too painful to think of.
  7. "Honey, me, Beast Boy, Avinis, God, we're still with you. It might not be exactly the same, but all things change in time. Just let yourself believe in us, and we'll be with you, every step of the way. All your friends will worry without you, Davina. It's your place to live with them and to make the world a better place while you still can. You're the rare person who can just smile and the world lights up in front of her, and I've always been so proud of you, Davina... so proud," there were tears now in my mom's eyes as looked into my eyes and held my cheek. I broke and I cried into her shoulder as she hugged me again, "For you, mom. The world will be a better place like you always wanted."
  8. "Davina, my darling. Don't do it for me, do it for yourself, do it for others. You deserve to live in a better world. That's why I did it. Whatever you do, be strong and stay true to yourself, my daughter. I'll always be there for you," she promised, pressing her lips to my forehead. And just like that, it was over.
  9. I blinked open my eyes to find myself amidst a pile of broken wood and rubble with both Rezagrats and Tristen nowhere to be seen. Instead, the people I had come to care for so much surrounded me. Marcus. Draco. Stefan. Even Achilles. All of the NPP, Dumbledore's Army, the Avengers, everyone who had lived to fight Rezagrat's rule... they were all here, scratched up and dusty, but still here. Realizing my fist was clenched, I pried my stiff fingers open to find my mother's necklace, but it was different. The pupil of the eye was filled in with a brilliant lime green gem.
  10. The zandoid. Finally resting rightfully. With a crack and a loud splintering sound, the roof of the room, after having its foundations abused for so long, gave in and collapsed, letting in the bright sun of a new morning. I held my mother's necklace up, and a sun ray hit the zandoid, spreading the light to all corners of the dark room. It reminded me of something I had heard a long time ago, but had forgotten until now.... "Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you" so I looked up, sun-ward, into the new future and the smiling faces of angels looking down upon me.
  11. Good evening, good night, good morning, good times Ladies and quentlemen xD Okay, I mean gentlemen, even though there are hardly any guys here. We have arrived to the end of Noitect. I hope you all enjoyed the ending. It was written by xxblutixx, a fantastic writer who is also my SAS (: Okay so here's the shout outs to the people who read my series xD They are WTF_NINJA, natuhleegayle, xxblutixx, TheRecklessBam, GinnyGirl, Missy Prissy Cat, Orange Fusion, singin234, Katherine0708, ashwinee, AnnaXD, mysteriousme, LipsForKissing, Twisted_Roots and that's it! Thank you all for reading my story, I really appreciated it! C:
  12. Okay so I just wanted you guys to know..I'm crying XD Because of natuhleegayle. Well I was crying. Her Hogwarts Love Story which is now entitled, "Let's Blame Magic" is just asdfghjkl; too much for me to even explain. I love it and I can't help but miss the old times on GTQ we all had. If we could just have one more time like that, I'd really love it. (: I love you all!

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