Noitect is Activated Part Two {Aria's)

This is part two of Noitect is Activated. Results for Mysterious and Unexpoected Events Character Contest is in here, so please check it out, thank you !

Uhh....the same thing I said before. I like to read these little two paragraph things xD It's...haha. Oh well....I'm listening to 'Shut Up and Let Me Go.' That song is so crazy.

Created by: Aria

  1. Okay so the results for the Contest I had are...drum roll please....GinnyGirl and xxblutixx. Yes there are two winners. I couldn't choose but the both entries were well organised :P Anyway, this is going to be very short because I just wanted to get a certain part out before exams. Exams are starting on Thursday, sadly.
  2. Everyone clapped and nodded their appreciation. I was the boss. Or something of the sort. Suddenly, I felt to skim. Skimming is one of my favourite sports; well it isn't REALLY a sport. It's more's definitely hard to explain. When I was travelling with Roland Warvold, Alexa Daley and Yipes, our boat, the Warwick Beacon got smashed to bits by a terrible sea monster named Abbadon. We survived though but Roland died. I bet he planned our destination and knew that Abbadon was going to follow us. We were at the Five Stone Pillars, a magical and mysterious place. There we had lots of adventures especially skimming. There were ropes strung back and forth all through the centre of the third pillar like a vast web made by a gargantuan spider. People were riding beneath the ropes. They were holding onto sliders. What I earlier thought to be ropes were really strong vines that the people skimmed on. The night skim competition was the best, but more on that later. My experience was wondrous.
  3. "Dav," someone called. I turned around. It was Tony Starks. He said, "Seriously, we have to do something about Rezagrats. He is trying to get Death Eaters but it's not proving good for him as they keep hexing him. Apparently he wants to be like Voldermort and one man said that Rezagrats would never ever be like Voldermort and he blasted him into something. I don't know but it's going to be hard." I looked at him, completely awestruck. This was really going to happen? This was just like those movies where the Avengers are going to save the world. Too bad, it's not going to be that predictable. I rose up to my full height, "We will fight till we die." Those three words were powerful, yet so simple. I breathed. My life was never going to be regular and I was actually delighted at that fact. Davina Sparks. It's a very normal name. I felt as though...what if, just what if my REAL father was taking care of me, what would happen? Thoughts filled my brain and I began to break down into tears. This was too much. I wasn't interesting as other kids; I wasn't as smart as other kids. I was average. I felt so lame, so helpless. I can't let out my secret. Usually, no one talks to me at school. They think I'm some loser. I wouldn't blame them. Without Noitect, I'm nothing. I'm just a regular, food eating girl from a small town. But fortunately, I get to live my dream. I have to be thankful for that. I remember when I was ten. I was a dancer; I danced so gracefully, the beat of the music in my feet. Everything has changed. I'm no longer a kid, I have to accept that. As much as I would like to go back to those mud playing, water fighting days, I can't. Girls my age are home right now, studying how to impress the boy they like, or fussing over a stupid pimple. Some may be getting their hair and nails done or gossiping with a friend about the smart girl that wears sweatpants and baggy jerseys. The smart ones are maybe studying their butt off for an exam they have next week so during the weekend, they can relax. Wow, they had it easy. One question though: Why do girls do all sorts of makeovers for guys to like them? A guy has to like them for their personality, not their looks. I never had a boyfriend though, but I observe. People tell me I remind them of Marlene from Songs of Silence by Curdella Forbes, a Jamaican writer. Yes, I may be an American but I am certainly a citizen of the WORLD. I said to "˜Captain America', "I'm going home. Sorry." Mr Cortez said, "Please stay. You can go in the hotel if you want." I nodded, feeling a little dizzy.
  4. I bid everyone goodbye and as I walked up the stairs of the hotel, I looked in the mirror. My eyes were red as blood. Why? I don't know but I was suddenly feeling dangerous. I blinked and it changed back into its original colour. What's going on? I shrugged and opened the door of my hotel room. It smelt fresh with spray. Someone cleaned it, recently. I wanted to fly. I tried flying but nothing was working. My powers...what's happening? I pushed myself forward again and I flew. Okay. This was weird. My powers and my eyes are just being...difficult right? I switched on the television. "˜Friends' was on. I smiled and hopped onto the couch. I felt as though, am I really supposed to be doing this? Saving the world with a bunch of adults and superheroes? I whispered to myself, "Davina, you are a lucky girl." Those were the last words my mother said to me. Do you know what's peculiar? I remember my actual birth date. When the doctors slapped my butt and I cried out, my father almost beat up the doctor. He was a crazy man. The first words that came out of my mother's mouth when I was born were, "I love you, my baby." I guess she knew that I knew what she meant. Am I giving you too much background on my life? Sorry. Erm, do you think that the world is fair? I don't. I don't think it's fair that innocent children are bullied, abused, tortured and punished by their parents, peers, bullies and anyone else. I wanna make a change in the world, I want people to see that kids are just kids; they're not supposed to be treated so brutally, so cruelly. It's not right. Mainly, fathers are the abusers of children. Why are they so violent? I looked at the time. It was seven o' clock already. I spent so much time just pondering on mistreatment. I said, "Let's go back to the office," to myself.
  5. As I was walking down the marble staircase, someone stopped me. I raised my eyebrows at the smirk on his face. I studied him. He had Dark brown spiky side swept hair; messy. His hair appears black but it is actually dark brown. His black eyes have a bored expression about them but since they are fully black, it's hard to read any emotions. He slumps as he stands. He's built muscular arms and a thin waist. He is wearing fitted clothes and his skinny pants hang on his waist, he wears a fitted grey t-shirt. "Can you move please?" I said, rather rudely. He raised his perfect eyebrows, "And why should I do that?" "Listen, I have somewhere to go. Bye," I said and he moved aside for me to pass. As I opened the door he shouted, "Be careful!" I turned around only to see a cloud of smoke. He was gone.
  6. What the heck was he on? Pfft. I shrugged it off and went to Achilles. He smiled, "Davina. What have you been up to?" I replied, "Thinking about the cruel world. How about you?" He laughed, "That is so like you. I was listening to that song, Drive BY by Train. I'm hooked on that song." Achilles and I ended up talking like for three hours and I really got to know him. He was such a boffin. A boffin is a smart ass XD. (Me: thank xxblutixx for introducing me to the person who taught me that word XD) He liked History, Geometry, Math, Biology, Physics, Art and Sociology. He was always a straight A student. He liked one girl ever since he stepped foot in the school but never got the chance to ask her out. He said she was the prettiest girl he ever laid eyes on. When I asked him who the girl he said is, "one day, not yet, just one day I'll let you know." I didn't question him further but he went on to tell me about what he does for the spy kids. It was midnight by the time I went home and when I open the door, I was utterly flabbergasted. My step dad was making out with a woman who I've never met before. They turned to look at me and my step dad was appalled. I was standing there, grounded on the spot. He PROMISED me he would NEVER do that again. NEVER. But now, look what he did. I couldn't stand it anymore. I took my laptop and went up to my room. He doesn't know what I deal with on a daily basis. He doesn't know I risk my life to save others, no. Maybe the entire day that he was out, he was with his OTHER family. Oh didn't I mention his other family?
  7. Well, while he was with my mum, he sort of cheated on her with a random stranger as he went to a pub, got drunk and did you know what. He had a baby girl with her, she was my age and all I knew is she attended my school. I knew she was in my class but I dare not go ask her if her father is my father. That would be weird. Additionally, I don't even know how she looks. Apparently, she must be smart if he loves her more than me. The same woman he brought home tonight is the same woman he did it with sixteen years ago. I switched on my laptop and went on gotoquiz. It was my favourite site by far. There were brilliant writers who will one day become authors of books. The bestselling books I may add. Remember the future by Missy Prissy Cat, Don't leave me hanging by xxblutixx, Crazy for you by WTF_NINJA, Teenage Chronicle by TheRecklessBam, Hogwarts Love Story by natuhleegayle and so much others that overwhelmed me. It was refreshing to know that I could just come to this site for support, knowing that there are wonderful people out there who are more than willing to help others, the natural sisterhood and brotherhood that these people shared. It was heart-warming for me.
  8. I went slowly to my wardrobe, took out the little treasure chest that was once my mother's. There was a golden necklace and at the end was a pendant of pure gold that was shaped into an eye. I had no idea what it meant, but I hugged it close to me, crying. My pain, my silent cries for my mother were all in those teardrops. As tears flew down my red rosy cheeks, I wondered how my mom was at my age. Was she young, carefree and innocent? Or did she have a life like mines? Suddenly, I felt the golden chain rose from me. It was glowing. It was glowing brighter than the sun itself and I had to shield my eyes as it was so piercing. A little note came out of it which read, "˜I'll always be watching over you Silva.' Silva was my mother's name. I wondered who sent her that. What did it mean? Was it good or bad? How is it connected to me? Numerous questions were flowing through my head like a river stream on a hot summer's day. I took the note and shoved it in my pouch. "I'll figure that out tomorrow," I said before going to sleep. The question is: is there going to be a tomorrow? ;)
  9. "˜I was in a strange place. It was deserted. I was alone. All that stood ahead of me was a door. Just one black broken door. I know I can do it. I know I can walk and push open that door. As I tried to move, I realised my feet were stuck to the floor. I was trapped with nowhere to go. I looked around me; spiders were crawling upon the walls and floors. I started to scream. But no one heard my plea. No one...' I woke up. It was just a dream. Only a dream. I looked down on my chest. The golden eye necklace was gone. "Davina," a woman's voice called from downstairs. Oh, that's daddy's hoe. I am truly sorry but I hate her more than anything else, more than VOLDERMORT. But I certainly hate Rezagrats more than I hate her. I didn't bother to respond but I frantically searched my room until I finally found the necklace. It was on my windowsill. What on earth was it doing on my windowsill? That's probably because of last night. I got my stuff ready for school, except today I was not going to school. I was going to the nearest library in my town.
  10. I ran out the door of the house and down the street. The library. I am not proud to say that I never stepped foot in this library. NEVER. I pushed open the large wooden door and the fresh scent of new books and air freshener filled my lungs. The librarian gave me a weird look as I was smiling crazy. I went into the "˜wild' section of the library. This library was the key to the Dark Hills. I think venturing beyond the city is what I need for myself. As I stepped onto the wooden floorboard, I felt myself being pushed back. 'December 1972. A twenty year old girl was crying on a park bench but then a guy came and gave her a golden eye necklace. It was the same necklace I have so that must mean...HE'S THE GUY THAT SENT HER THE NOTE! AND SHE IS MY MOTHER. I watched them carefully. He carefully put it on her beautiful neck and said, "I love you." That must dad? No...I've seen pictures of my dad. That was someone familiar. I knew that guy. The question was
  11. Who was he?

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