Goodbye...part 4

So Brad, Chris, Kiara, Violet, Kacela, Aria, Jess, Ashley, Rosella are all the people so far in this story! Kiara funny, crazy but also had a different side of her

Violet is smart, caring and always looking on the bright side of things!! Kacela is calm, controlled and only gets mad when someone is hurting her friends.

Created by: singin234
  1. I couldn't take my eyes off Ashley, she frowned at me. She always frowns at me, but did she hear. I stared freaking out, well any person would if they knew they could die in their sleep tonight. Ashley wouldn't go that far....would she. I looked back at Brad, nervously I looked at my feet. "Why do you look at your feet" Brad asked me, I lifted my head up and looked in the in eye. I was about to answer when at of the conner on my eye I could see Violet coming over. "Rosella," she yelled waving her arms. I held back my laughter, as Violet came closer she realized I wasn't alone. "Oh" Violet said as she reached us. She never met him before, judging my the look on her face. "This is Brad" I told her smiling, Violet blushed.
  2. "Sorry but I was going to show Rosella to her next class, that would be music, Art what is it" Violet asked me. "Art" I told her looking at Bard. His face lightened up "I am going there too. I'll show Rosella" Brad said grabbing my wrist and pulling me to class. His grip was strong and soft, not like Kiara's or Aria's. He turned his head back to see how I was doing, we smiled at each other. Full smile, I haven't smiled like that in a long time.
  3. Soon school was over, Art with Brad was the highlight of my day. We had been drawing each other. Brad's a really good drawer, the picture of me turned out really great. Brad's didn't turn out so well, sorry about that Brad. I giggled recalling why happened, I felt really happy. I forgotten what it was like to be happy. I looked over at the tree I was sitting with Aria at lunch. I had forgotten about Chris. I stopped in my tracks and stared at the tree. If I did go, who knows why will happen but if I don't go I will spend the rest of the night thinking about what will happen. I slowly walked over to the tree, I need to find out more about him. Who does he leave school and not come back for days. I saw Chris leaning on the other side. I walked up to him "I am here, what do you want" I snapped. He ruined my happy moment, that I never get. He looked surprised "You came..." He muttered. I nodded "Yeah, you asked me to. Remember" I asked him, I nodded. "I just..." Chris trailed off and looked away from me. "I didn't think you would" He told me still looking away. This guy made me want to scream. "Thought you scared me away" I asked him. It sounded like he thought I would get scared away. "No, not yet" he said as a massive clap of thunder came. I jumped, what happened to a perfect day? I swear it had been sunny as I walked out of the school. "Before I go, I want answers" I told him as he walked to his black car. "Yes, no, five hundred-" "I don't want to know how much the school has raises for the poor" I snapped. Brad was telling me about it, Chris looked surprised but didn't say anything. "Why do you leave school and not come back for days" It stared raining and I was getting soaked. Chris was already in his car "I can't answer that" He told me and drove away. That basted, he just left me out in the rain. I rain back to Ashley and my dad. "Sorry I had to talk to someone" I told them sitting beside Ashley, who moved away. "yuck" she muttered, I wanted to start laughing. Who thinks the rain is yuck? I leant my head on the car window, it was cold and hard.
  4. "So you meet Brad, the team caption. Has the best body ever" Ashley told me. Oh Brad was telling me how well the team was doing, he never told me he was the caption. "Yeah," I told her nodding "He is really nice" Ashley laughed "Yeah okay. Well I herd him talking to his friend after school and he said he hates you. Trust me, he even wrote you a note" Ashley handed me a note. I felt tears well up in my eyes, Brad wouldn't do this...would he? 'Dear Rosella, sorry but we can't be friends. Due to the fact your a total loser. Sorry-Brad' His name was written in his hand writing, everything was but Rosella. It seemed to me glued on. Was it possible Ashley made the letter. "Ashley I am not that dumb. Have your letter back" I stuffed it back in her face and smiled. She looked shocked "Oh don't look shocked, you had this coming" I remember Ashley told me that all the time. When I had glasses, braces and then braces again. I laughed and looked back at the window. There was a ray of sunlight coming down from the clouds. There was still hope
  5. Ashley didn't talk to me again, she was shut down by a total loser! Guys never say Total, its a girl word. "So Ashley, Rosella, did you have a good day" Dad asked us, I stared at Ashley. "Yeah I made lots of friends, my best friend so far is Jess" Then it was my turn. "Well I talked to six people but only made five friends. Chris isn't that friendly" The car almost went off the rode. "You don't have a boyfriend do you" Dad asked, freaking out. I have never seen him like this "No, but why would you care Ashley had one" I told him. He didn't say anything, maybe it's because I am younger than Ashley by a secdon. I have always been Dad's fav. Mum already called Ashley, everyone liked Ashley more than me. But Dad, the office lady and Brad.
  6. Soon I was getting ready for dinner, usually that was me eating in my room. Someone is coming over form school, since I didn't catch any last names, I am clueless. Their last name is Willson and he is Dad's new boss. "They are here" Mum yelled from down stairs. I felt my tummy turn over, I am nervous. What if it's Jess? I walked downstairs and my jaw dropped. At the front door, leaning on the wall was the one and only...
  7. Chris.
  8. That's the end of part 4!
  9. Thank you for reading and putting comments!!
  10. Please have a good day!

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