Goodbye...part 3

So you meet another guy Bradly. You find out a little about Chris but not everything. I will add more info about the characters. I added a character

Kiara because a person wanted to be in the story. But I won't say anymore, you just going to have to read it!! Have a wonderful day and please take Missy Prissy Cat's story quiz. Just write in Missy Prissy cat, it's a great story!

Created by: singin234
  1. When I finished eating I look down at the table, since I can't stare at my feet. "Cheer up," Violet said cheerfully. I looked up at the sound of her voice. I dont even know if It is possiable for me to cheer up. "one day you two will look back on this and laugh" Violet told me. She was looking on the bright side. Ashley, yeah we won't ever be friends. I don't think we ever were. She did singing, I did drama. We were like light and drakness, we don't ever get along. Even when we are together the light always stands out. I am the darkness, she is the light. "Yeah whatever" I told then leaning back, I stared to sound like Chris. I thought recalling what he said to me. I only had one question for him, why help me?
  2. "I herd what happened with Chris,"  Kacela told me. This I wanted to talk about, Aria and Violet watched wide eyed. As if they were learning something. "You want to know more about him" she asked me. I nodded, it had crossed my mind.Something about him, I know I shouldn't feel safe around him. But I do, is that too crazy? Kacela leaned in and so did I, "He mysterious really" She said in a low voice. "Yes," Violet added softly and low "he like...distant" Distant, I thought. I really don't get what's wrong with being distant. "I mean really distant. Sometimes he leaves school and dose not come back for days" Aira whispered. For days, wouldn't People worry about him? What about his mum and dad? "Yeah and well he is kind of hot," Violet blushed as she said it "mysterious hot though" she added. I looked over at Chris who wasn't eating but sitting there with nothing to do. Acting like this place was boring. Well it was. "Yeah he is hot but dangerous," Kacela told me. I turned back to her "so just stay away from him" I nodded, I knew I wouldn't keep that promise. 
  3. I found myself sitting under a huge tree with Aria. Violet and Kacela were in some club or something. "So did you like your old school" Aria asked me. We were not face to face but just both leaning on the tree. "it was okay" I lied, I would say I loved it but it didn't go with this new "me". I closed my eyes, it was a bright sunny day. Not too hot but not too cold. Perfect day, like you would spend at the beach."Ahem" Someone that wasn't Aira said. I flung open my eyes to see Chris. I looked at Aria who was fighting back a smile. "Can I help you" I asked him. He smiled playfully "Yeah you can...," he trailed off then brought himself back together. What was he thinking? "Can I speak to you...without" Chros jerked his thumb to Aria. I looked at Aria who got up and left. "Fine, I'll go" she called behind her. I laughed and looked at my feet
  4. Chris sat down beside me "So your twin is Ashley" he asked. I nodded "Yeah..." I was going to say 'I am so lucky' joking but Chris isn't the joking type. "Does she like you" "no" "you like her" "maybe" I shot out as we quickly said all those things. I closed my eyes and hugged my knees. "What do you want" I whispered, I felt safe around him. Also nervous, I was always nervous. But I felt as if I could speak my mind around him. "Meet me after school here okay" He told me. I nodded then opened my eyes. We walking away, "wait" I called out and grabbed his wrist. He turned to face me and our eyes locked. "Yes" He said bitterly taking his wrist away. "Never mind" I said looking at Aria who is walking over. "See you later" Chris said. He didn't make it sound like a question or a normal Goobye. He was forcing me to come, maybe if I was smart i would stay away from him. But I am not smart.
  5. Aria come and sat back down next to me. "What did he want" She asked bitterly. I don't think I have ever saw Aria like that. I shrugged "he wants me to meet him here after school" I told her leaning back on the tree. I want to know more about Chris, he seems so....mysterious. I thought, I hardly noiced Aria was talking. "...are you" she asked. I blinked and looked at her "sorry what" I would add I wasn't listening but that sounded rude. Well inside my head it did. "I said are you going to meet him here" I stood up and looked behind me at Aria. "I don't know. Maybe, maybe not" I told her, Aria stood up and stood beside me. We both looked up at the bird that was flying in the blue sky. It soared around like it was dancing. "Do your self something and dont" Aria told me as the bird stopped dancing and flew away.
  6. I eyed Aria, this was one of those moments when you don't know what to say. I seem to have alot of those moments. "I can't do anything for myself" I stood her walking away. It seemed like a good idea until I realized I don't have anyone else. Violet and Kacela were at a club, Ashley was a big no and I was walked away from Aria. I don't want to walk back and make me too dumb. "Well, well who do we have here" A girl asked. I turned around to see a girl with long brown hair with blond highlights. Her hair went down to her mid back. "I am Kiara" She said cooly. I was staring to think she was stuck up. "Were going to e great friends" She said lighting up and grabbing my hands. She spun me around, how old was this girl. She had two different sides of her. One was very cool, calm and relaxed while the other was very crazy, childish and...unique
  7. She had hazel eyes that seemed friendly. "Okay" I said not trying to be rude. I am taken back by her kindness. She smiles and starts dragging me away by my wrist. Her grip wasn't like Aria's, Aria's was hard and forceful but Kiara's was soft an lose. So I could pull away at any time. "Where are we going" I asked her, looking back at Aria. She was mumbling something and looking at the ground. "We are going to find Bradly" She told me. "Bradly" I repeated, so she is taking me to see some guy? What's this about? "Yeah he is really Sporty so talk to him about sport while I go get a drink" She pulled me up to a guy with shaggy brown hair and green eyes. He looked like he was into sport and he is hot. "Hey Brad, this is my new friend...I don't think I caught your name" Kiara told me blushing. I smiled "Rosella" I told them looking at my feet. I do it whenever I am sad, nervous or blushing. "Look after her for me, I need to get back to the club" Kiara told him and hurried away. She didnt let him reject or anything. "So your new here" He asked. I nodded still looking at my feet "Yeah, I came here with my twin" I looked up at him. He smiled warmly "Ashley, right" he asked. I nodded, he knows her? "Yes" I told him, I stared to have a bad feeling. "Your way nicer than her" He told me, he smiled and looked into my eyes. "Thanks, I sure hope I am" I told him. We laughed and I looked behind him, leaning on the wall watching us was...Ashely.
  8. That's the end of part 3!
  9. I would like to thank you for reading this. Sorry if it wasn't very good, I not really good at writing. I don't know how this will turn out. I have an idea but I am not going to tell you!! Thank you if you put a comment, you all have been so nice to me. Thank you!
  10. Might be awhile until part 4 is out. Mainly because I have dumb school, homework and personal things going on at home. So I'll try to fit everything in!!

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