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I am kind of hooked on making another story quiz right now. Its called Goodbye...2. I am making part three right now but I don't think it's that good!!!

I'll tell you about Goodbye.... It's about a girl called Rosella who is changing schools with her twin Ashley. They are like light and darkness.

Created by: singin234

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  1. *Tristan's POV* We came to Mist's house. Mitch jumped off my back. She is black with ginger hair and brown eyes. She can control gravity, so don't get on her bad side. "Mitch is that Isabella and Mist" I asked pointing at Isabella who is in a black nightie. I think Mitch would look good in a hot pink one. Anyway then Mist was dressing in boy stuff. The on the other side of them, a long way a way was Sarah and Justin. "Whoa," Mitch said stepping closer "Is Mist dressing up as a boy" she asked. I nodded, kind of amazing. I always knew Mist to be so girly. This was years ago though. We walked closer to them, "Hey Joey" Sarah said, Mist was gone. Joey is mist?
  2. *Isabella's POV* I am kind of hungry, Mist was just finished dressing as Joey. "Hey Joey" Sarah said talking to Mist. "Perfect! Now Mitch, Sarah, Tristan, Justin and me can take photo's to tell that it is a long time ago" So I stared taking pictures and taking the date and time off them. I love my powers. "Sorry we are late" Mitch said to Sarah and Justin. Sarah laughed "It's cool, we just got here ourselves" Justin told us. "Why are you here" I asked them. "I don't know, I can't remember" Sarah told us. "We must be here to see Mist" Mitch added. "Yeah, we will be inside" Justin said as they walked inside. "That is kind of weird, they must of been here for a bigger reason" I said to Mist. "Oh well dude, let's start the plan" Mist said in her Joey voice. It was great, I had changed her into a boy. I made Joey hot! Messy black hair, forest green eyes, strong and six pack. "You made me the dude I am today" Mist said and I laughed. She could only Use Joey's voice. She even smelt like a guy, I hope this works.
  3. *Mist's/Joey's POV* Stick to the plan, I said to myself over and over again. I really don't want this to fail. Right now Isabella is in place. Start walking like a dude. You have no idea what it feels like to be a girl then a boy. I start to even think like a boy. "Joey" Isabella yelled. It seemed to come natually out of her mouth. She walked up to Joey, me and hugged him. Then I felt Joey take control. Isabella must of made Joey a soul, great Isabella! Now he is taking control 'Sorry Mist, you have to get out' I pushed myself out well Isabella helped me. So Joey is now a real guy. "Amy is going to love you" I Whispered. Stick to the plan Joey, Stick To the plan
  4. *Blue's POV* "Joey" Isabella yelled. Who the hell is Joey?!?!? Then the show FRENDS came into mind. Then Mist's plan. I walked downstairs behind Amy and Jake was in front of her. "What the hell" Jake muttered. Then to my surprise Sarah, Mitch, Justin, Tristan and Mist was down there. Shouldn't Mist be Joey? Unless Bella gave Joey a soul, she is an idiot! "Isabella" I walked up and stood behind her. "Hey I am Joey" He had messy black hair and green eyes. He was shorter than me, point to me. Then Zach walked out, Amy look at Joey. "Who are you" She asked. At lest Mist's plan was going well. "Joey, I wanted to see my going to be girlfriend Isabella" I Choked along with Isabella. I think the plan just failed
  5. *Zach's POV* What the hell is with that dude, he can't just claim a girl like that...or can he? I don't know if I like Amy or Isabella. Amy seems distant lately and evil. I could see Amy smiling, what is she up too. Kissing my best friend when she has a crush on me and my best friend has a girlfriend! What's wrong with her
  6. I am leaving it there. I too tired. Need rest. Eyes heavy. Sorry it 4:39 too.
  7. Please make a suggestion because I am running out of ideas!
  8. Please make a suggestion because I am running out of ideas!
  9. Part 10 might be the last
  10. Or part 7 idk I need Aurggestions
  11. Or part 7 idk I need Aurggestions

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