Which ND animal are you?

Dear Friend -- er, um-- Hey You, We know you found the treasure, so heres the deal- Bess back in good condition: Bring all of the treasure to the man at Sangre Beach. Give it to him and leave. Go alone. No funny business. Bess back in not so good condition: Bring the treasure to the guy on the beach. When you give it to him, you may chat with him if you want. Funny business is discouraged, but not prohibited.

Dear Bess I took my last look at Icicle Creek Lodge from the back of a rental car. I had mixed feelings about going home. You know I'm always sad to say goodbye to one of the places where I have solved a mystery. But I was looking forward to seeing you all! I will miss Isis and Lou. I will even miss Bill's snoring at all hours of the day and night! But hey! At least I'm saying goodbye to a happy ending. I called Run and Grow Free and got a real member (Alana was faking) and they came and took Isis to a sanctuary. I got to go with them and say goodbye to Isis. Isis was sad to see me go, but she seemed happy to be part of a pack again. I will miss her and Lou. Lou called Chantal and apologized to her about the bones. She wasn't mad at him. I mean she wasn't even mad with Alana! Because she made the evening news and the lodge is booked for the next three months! Upon hearing the news, Tino said that he had reanalyzed the data, figured out who it was and told me! Thus solving the case himself. What's more, Chantal believed him! But Tino's glory was short lived. When the news reporter (due to miss reading his notes) asked him why he thought Lou had done it, he said "Because he wanted to.....Get bones." He said it on live news and it was immediately confirmed that Tino didn't even know who had done it! Well now I come to the end of my letter, Bess. With the happy news that Tino got no credit, Isis is happy, Alana is in jail, Chantal is letting Lou keep all the dinosaur bones he

Created by: Trisha Gaurav
  1. What kind of animal is your pet?
  2. What is your pet's favorite food?
  3. What is your pet's favorite pastime?
  4. Is your pet smart?
  5. Does your pet love you?
  6. Which Disney animal reminds you most of your pet?
  7. What's your pet's favorite toy?
  8. Does your pet like humans?
  9. What word best describes your pet?
  10. What does your pet do when it hears the doorbell ring?

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Quiz topic: Which ND animal am I?