Goodbye...part 7

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Very good! The next one WILL be better!!! My head hurts...Okay so do you like Chris or Brad. Chris is quite mysterious, while Brad is like a normal guy. But is Brad hiding something like Chris?

Created by: singin234
  1. I stood up from under the tree. I can't believe Brad told me to stay away from Chris. Brad is so different to Chris, why would he say that? I must look like an idiot standing alone, I feel like one. "Hey Rosella," A voice that I didn't know said. I looked up to see Jess and Ashley. I stared to panic, in my mind yeah! What do they want? "Hello" I said to them, my legs felt like jelly. I wanted to run, knowing Ashley they are going to bully me. "So what's the deal with you and Brad" Jess asked me, she said it like something bad will happen of I give her the wrong answer. "Nothing" I told her hoping it was the right answer. "Wrong" They said and Jess slapped me across the face. My cheeks stung, I put my hand to my cheek as tears rolled down my face. "Don't be a cry baby" Ashley told me but I could see surprise in her eyes. "Oh and stay away from Kacela, also Brad and Chris" Jess told me and walked away with Ashley. I turned around, my back facing them. She slapped me, I curled up my fist. I can't do it. I uncurled my fist, I always wanted to punch someone in the face. I just didn't want to get in trobule. "Hey what's wrong" A male voice asked. It was Chris's. I don't want him to see me cry, "Go Away" I croaked. It made it sound like I was crying.
  2. Chris came around and looked at me. He didn't look surprised. "What happened," He asked putting his hand on my cheek lightly. "there is a finger mark and a ring mark" I felt rage take over me. "No wonder it bloody hurt," I yelled. I am mad, I can't blieve it. I will hit her in the face with a ring on, she tells me not to be a cry baby. I slightly calm down. "I was talking to Brad. When he left Jess and Ashley came over...Jess slapped me" I told him almost calmed down and hugging my arms. "She slapped you, why" Chris asked me, he didn't give away any emotion. I don't think he even cares. I look up at the tree, it's huge. "She thinks something is going on with Brad and I. I told her nothing so she slapped me and told me to stay away from you, Kacela and Brad" Chris still didn't look surprised. "Are you" was all he asked. "hell no, no one is telling me what to do. Not you, not Brad, never Jess" I told him but this time Chris looked surprised."Brad said something" He asked. I nodded, I wasn't keeping this from Chris no how big of jerk he is. "He told me to stay away from you" I said quietly.
  3. "Are you going to listen to him" Chris asked me daringly. I looked into his violet eyes and he looked into my eyes. "No, your something different" I said the words coming out. I didn't mean to say it, it just came out. Chris looked away "that idiot does know what he is talking about. Just promise me something," I nodded, I wanted to whisper okay but no words came out. "Promise me that you won't make any promises to him" Chris told me. I closed my eyes, "Okay" I whispered barely. The only way I know he herd me was because he was talking away. I opened my eyes to see his back. I looked up at the sky to see the bird dancing. I promise, I thought as the bird flew away.
  4. Art with Brad didn't go well as it did yesterday. I snt believe I have only been at school two days and I have so much drama going on. Yesterday seemed long while today seemed to go by very quickly. "Draw anything you like" The teacher told us and pt called out of the room. I closed my eyes and saw an image of Chris. Then I flash them opened to see my blank bit of papper. I wasn't a good drawer, I'll draw a star. I turned out to look like it was dancing, like it always did. I banged my head on the desk, it hurt but I didn't dare say ow. I looked Brad who smiled at me warmly. What's with him, one moment he is cold next he is friendly. Like Chris, why do I keep thinking of Chris. Do you think he thinks of talks about me. I wonder if he dreams about me. I smack my head on the desk again. What am I thinking? I am tried and when I am too tried I go hyper.
  5. I quickly run to the bus, Dad isn't picking us up and no way I want mum driving. Then the bus starts slowly driving away, "Hey wait" I yell. It leaves me, standing on the side walk. I felt my cheeks go red, I am an idiot. Most of the school is gone, Violet was out ages ago, Kecela went with Jess, Aria just dissapered, Chris is who knows where, Brad is just a no and Kiara went with Brad. "Hey lady want a ride" A voice asks. I look behind me to see a guy, (Me: You can't like him) He has dyed red hair and sparking ocean clear blue eyes. "I don't take rides from strangers" I snapped at him, then I looked up at the overcast sky. "Come on, it will rain soon. I go to this school, so you can trust me" He tells me winking. I laugh "Yeah right but let's go" I told him. I know I might die but I always think if it's meant to be it's meant to be, if not its not. We got onto his motorbike, at lest I can jump off. "I am Dreak, so where do you live" He asked staring the motorbike. I hugged him from behind, "I am Rosella, go to ###" So this was the most dangerous choice I have made in my life so far. Or is it?
  6. Dreak drove me to my house, the bus wasn't there yet. "Thanks for the ride, mind not telling anyone about this" I asked him blushing, everyone going to think I am dumb or just am idiot. I know I am an idiot, "Sure, I just tell Chris. I know him, I tell him on the weekend" Dreak told me. It didn't take me long. "Don't you go to the school" I asked him, I wasn't nervous. "Nope, I am 19 sweetheart. I lied but we will meet again" Then he drove away. My jaw dropped, I am idiot. I just took a ride from a stranger that is 19 and a guy. What if he hadnt taken me home? The rain stared pouring down, I just stood there. What did he mean by we will meet again?
  7. That's the end of part 7!
  8. So that one isn't the best. I have a feeling number 8 will be better!! Don't you hate Jess now? Press submit, you must read the question!!
  9. So yeah please comment! It helps me to make more, no jokes! I love to see if people love this and I really love making Goodbye... I just can't believe it's part 7 already well we are up to part 8!
  10. I hope you enjoyed it!

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