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This quiz is a book. It is only the first part of my book, out of many parts of my book. I hope you enjoy reading this, because I had fun writing it. Make sure that you don't forget to comment and rate. Bye...

Oh wait, I have another paragraph left, so this isn't goodbye just yet. Have fun reading, please. I really did have fun writing, yeah. Comment and rate, and that would make me even happier than I am right now, oh yeah. So, now I thing that this should be goodbye...

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  1. Hey, I'm not gonna post the prologue, okay, guys?
  2. Chapter 1: Love, Hatred, Individuality, Alike, Sad, Happy. People can say only one word to describe how you feel. Is that true? Have you ever felt loved, but hated at the same time? Have you ever felt like there's nowhere in the world where you belong, but then someone comes along and shows you that do belong somewhere?
  3. Sometimes, do you feel so different from everyone else, but then someone, anyone, comes along, just for you? Has anyone ever told you being different is okay, but you feel like you weren't even meant to be alive? Has someone ever told you that you're wonderful just the way you are, but you still feel like they're lying to make you feel better?
  4. Have you ever cried yourself to sleep because you think nobody likes you? Do old memories still pain you, whether you say whatever's on your mind, or the shy person in the corner, afraid to ever speak at all? A friend; is that all you need to let go of anything and everything that has ever troubled you?
  5. My name is Erika Nufelt (pronounced like new felt). I've felt all these things at one time or another. I have wanted to disappear multiple times before. I know I am, but I don't want to be, different. I truly feel like the world leaves me out of of everything I need and want. Is life too much for me to handle? In one word I feel invisable, but that doesn't give the whole story.
  6. I am in the twelfth grade. I live in Moclips, Washington. My full name is Erika Faith Nufelt. I have a younger brother (Bryon, 12), and a younger sister (Heather, 9). I am seventeen years old.
  7. The weather here, in Moclips, is always rainy and dreary, like me, I guess. I didn't always used to live in Moclips. We (Bryon, Heather, and my dad) used to live in San Diego, California. We moved to a place of small and cold from a place of big and warm. We moved here yesterday (a Saturday in the middle of April).
  8. I'll start my nw high school tomorrow, and Bryon and Heather will sart their middle and elementary schools. We won't know anybody, but Bryon and Heather will come home tomorrow having a new best friend. I'll come home, still being a nobody.
  9. I have no friends, not here, not in California, nowhere. No true friends, no best friends, no friends at all. A friend is everything, and I have nothing. Everyone has friends, but I'm different; never in a good way, I'm different.
  10. There was that time I used to have a friend... It was about five years ago, and I was Bryon's age. I was with my family, at a birthday party at the park. It was my cousin, Lucy's, birthday, and she is 11 months younger than me. We were really close. Lucy went to go play with one of her friends in the park, and because there was nobody else I wanted to be with, I followed her.
  11. I never really liked playing at parks, so I justed watched them. I saw the girl whisper something to Lucy, and then she walked over to me. We talked on and on for the rest of the party. We got to know each other after a while. Her name was Angelea Milling.
  12. After days and months of being friends, Angelea and I couldn't be separated. We told each other everything. We loved each other like sisters. Angelea could never be replaced.
  13. After about a year or so, Angelea's dad got a job in Washington somewhere (she told me where, but I forgot, but I know that it wasn't in Moclips). I couldn't imagine not having my best friend living across the street from me anymore. After Angelea moved, I never had another best friend. I was was 12, and in the 7th grade, now I'm 17, and in the 12th grade.
  14. I remember everything about Angelea. There's no way to know if she remembers me. I cried for days after she left, sometimes... I still do. That's how much I miss Angelea. I'll never meet anyone like Angelea again again, and I know I'll never meet her again. Nobody could ever replace a best friend. We were individuals; we were different.
  15. It used to be okay to be different, but now it isn't. Everyone is the say now, except me. Being different used to make you unique, but now it makes you weird. Being the same used to be boring, but know it's how everyone is, except me. I'm sure Angelea feels the same way, wherever she is.
  16. One last thing you should know: my mom is dead. She died eight years ago. She died of cancer. I was 9, Bryon was 4, and Heather was 1. I remember her a lot, but Bryon and Heather don't, because they were so little.
  17. All of these feelings I have put out there, I have nobody to talk about them with. I have no older siblings, no friends, and even though my dad is a caring and loving father, I don't think he'll understand. I used to "girl talk" with my mom. I hate that she's not here.
  18. My mom was the perfect kind of mother. She was caring, loving, understanding, and thoughtful. I could come to her with anything. She had the most angelic name, Melinda Fiona Nufelt.
  19. Everything can change in an instant. You can have something one day, and lose it the next. Mom, then Angelea, who will I lose next? Will anything ever be the way it once was?
  20. This is the end of part one. Comment, rate, and look out for part two, coming soon!

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