Fancy Fantasy Part 6

Thank you so much for the constructive critisism on the last part! I'm glad people are enjoying reading this because I know I'm enjoying writing it.

In this part, you discover yours and the guys' powers! Here we go!

Created by: Twisted_Roots
  1. Recap: You sit by him and pull you knees up to your chest, waiting patiently. Jake grins at you. "Let's begin."
  2. "A long time ago, there was a beautiful girl named Rebecca. Rebecca tended the garden of King Eliah and his son Prince Dane. Dane and Rebecca were madly in love with each other, but because of social status difference, were unable to marry. They knew they wanted to spend eternity together, but had no idea how to accomplish that. One day while they were talking in the garden, an evil old woman appeared out from behind a tree. She told the Prince and Rebecca that they could be together, but that it would come at a cost. The Prince told the old woman he had plenty of money and would gladly pay any price, but she assured him it was not money she wanted."
  3. "It was a virus. She told the Prince that she would convince the King to allow the wedding if she could infect every male child they had with a virus. She explained that the virus had a 50-50 chance of being effective. The Prince and Rebecca quickly agreed. The next day, they were married. After several years, they had 7 children, 5 of which were males, and 4 of which were infected with The Virus." He looked at the floor sadly. "And all it took was 4."
  4. "What does The Virus do?" You asked quietly. Taylor answered "It gave us our powers. The Virus is either a blessing or a curse. It really depends on how you look at it though." He gave you a teeny smile. You smile back. "So what are you guys' powers?" Marcus grins at you. "I have the power of persuasion!" you stare at him blankly. "That means I can convince people to do stuff." Jake looked up at you "As you can probably already guess, I'm super smart. Have you ever heard of osmosis?" You nod. "Yeah, so pretty much if I put a book on my head, I learn and remember everything in the book." Your jaw drops. "I can teleport." Taylor boasts. He disappears, then comes back with a blanket, which he wraps around you. You smile and he sits back down. You look at Bobby. He stays silent for a moment, then you hear in your head. "I can talk to people in their heads." You jump and fall off the couch. The guys laugh and then the guy you were sitting next to helps you back up.
  5. When you get situated, a question pops into your head. "So... where do I come into all this? I thought The Virus only affected guys?" "It does. Or did." Jake said. "We believe a mutation occurred in The Virus that allowed it to affect girls too." You think for a moment. "So I'm infected?" "Yes."
  6. You're silent for a moment. Then explode with questions. "SO I HAVE POWERS?? WHAT ARE THEY?? DO YOU KNOW?? HOW DO I FIND OUT?? WAIT are you sure I have powers?" Jake laughs and nods his head. You jump up "HOW DO I KNOW WHAT THEY ARE??" you demand. By now all the guys are laughing and rolling on the floor. You take deep breaths, then calmly ask "What are my powers?"
  7. All the guys look at you, a very serious expression on their faces. You wait. "Yours is the most powerful and hardest to master of all." Bobby warns.
  8. "You have the power of Life And Death"
  9. Silence. Complete and totally silence. You open and close your mouth, not sure what to say. When you finally remember how to make your vocal cords work, they squeak out a wimpy "oh". You look at each of the boys faces. "can... can you explain this... a little more...?" you whisper. Of all the powers to get, yours required the most responsibility. "You can bring people back from the dead if they haven't been dead for more than 3 days. You can also make plants grow and stuff like that. Or... or you can kill. That's why we brought you here. Your power requires MUCH practice before you can even ATTEMPT anything on humans." Jake answers.
  10. You start for the stairs. "I'm gonna go to my room, call me for lunch in a few hours... whenever it's ready... or... whatever." You walk into your room and quietly close the door behind you. You walk over to your bed, curl up under the covers, and cry.
  11. So that's the end of part 6! as always, comments are deeply appretiated, and i thank everyone who commented last time :)

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