Love declares war part 2

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Hey if you didnt take part 1 you might be confused! And this is girlz only! So if you choose to take this without taking the first one you are going to be confused so dont do it.

So let's see who you fancy this time around? Will it be the charming Mark, the funny Thomas,the confident Drake, or the shy Ren? PLease take this you wont regret it!

Created by: Toshiro Luver!

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  1. The wolf comes out and jumps on you, you scream horrified. All the guys try to pull the wolf off of you but they fail. Then you notice that Thomas is missing! You look at the wolf on top of you and it looks like its smiling and it licks you on the cheek. You laugh "Get off me Thomas please!" you say laughing as he licks your cheek again. He gets off and turns human again and grins "Hey babe" Mark and Drakes faces turn a bright red and they go and start yelling at Thomas telling him he's such an idiot. Ren wasnt yelling at Thomas he came over to you and smiles "Hey I never learned your name the other three didnt even bother to ask, so whats your name?" he asks smiling softly. You smile back "*Your name*" you say nicely. Ren smiles "Nice to meet you" he says and gets closer to you. You smile as he gets closer and kisses you on the cheek. Your face flushes and you look down. Ren blushes slightly and says "I'll show you how to turn into your animal if you want?" he says with a slight smile. You nod "How do I start?" you ask bewildered. "You focus on your object and your object only" he says. You nod and start focusing on your keychain.
  2. After a few moments of staring at your keychain you see Ren smile you look at him and say “What?” but you don’t hear yourself say that all you hear is a growl. Ren smiles “You did it!” he exclaims. All of the guys turn around upon hearing Ren’s voice. Thomas grins “SWEET! You can turn into a cheetah!” Mark nodded “A cheetah indeed Acinonyx jubatus” Everyone turns to him and stares. Mark smiles awkwardly “Why are you guys staring at me?” he asks. Thomas laughs and punches him playfully “Mark you’re a nerd” Mark frowns and looks down. You suddenly turn human “Is alright I think you’re a cute nerd” you say. Mark smiles and turns away. Drake looks at you astonished “You turned human on your own!” he says smiling. Thomas smiles and gets closer to you “GREAT JOB! YOU GET A GOLD STAR!” he says and sticks a gold star sticker on your forehead. Everyone bursts out laughing. Drake laughs “Seriously dude you keep gold star stickers in your pocket?” Thomas nods “And in my other pocket I have Narnia!” Everyone laughs and Drake say “Okay enough joking lets get serious who wants to teach *your name* how to fight?” Everyone raises their hand and Drake rolls his eyes “I will” The other three say “Awwwww!” You speak up “What about my family and where did you guys come from?” Mark answers “Where we are time passes differently so a whole day here is just a minute in your world so don’t sweat and-“ he is interrupted by Thomas “And we are from Jupiter!” Mark gets pissed and pressure points Thomas and Thomas falls to the ground out cold. Mark continues “As I was saying we are from the Bermuda Triangle and that’s where you currently are”
  3. Drake nods to Mark and says "Okay so who is taking her to their house?" You see Thomas jump up from the ground "OOH! I WILL!" Drake sighs "Okay, I guess"
  4. Drake whispers to you "Be careful Im pretty sure he's high" he jokes. YOu laugh softly "Okay" Thomas smiles and looks at you "Let's go just follow me!" he says and leads the way as the others wave goodbye sadly.
  5. Thomas leads you to a blue house and smiles "This is my kick butt house" You smile "Heck ya it is" you reply. You follow him in the walls are painted white and he shows you to the room you'll be staying in. It has purple painted walls and a purple bed.
  6. You nod to him "Wow this is great thanks" he smiles "I'll be in the kitchen drinking some cofee if you need me" You nod and lay down in the bed exhausted and drift to sleep. Who do you dream about?
  7. You wake up from your lovely dream about *who you picked below* and you yawned and stretched. You decide to go out of your room to see if Thomas is awake you walk out of your room and see Thomas on the floor of the kitchen bloodied.
  8. Cliffhanger!
  9. Which boy do you like the most so far?
  10. If you want me to make part 3 please comment and rate!

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