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okay so this is part 2 of the "my love life" series. thank you so much for commenting and i'm excited for part three. please rate and comment in order for more people to take this quiz. love you all!! by the way, the girl in this picture right here is you. okay? thanks!

this quiz is about action, adventure, love, and courage... if you think this is good, wait till we get deeper in the series. oh, trust me your going to love it! oh and this computer didn't let me put in the right picture of you in the series. so, please wait the next one will have the right you.

Created by: cheese1234
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  1. hiya!!well... here's something i forgot to add in the last quiz. your name is Julia. nicknames are:Jule,Jules,Julie. where did we leave off... oh yea! you get to Algebra and you feel a hard tap on your shoulder. you turn around and you find to see the one and only Andrew.
  2. You look at Antonio and he smiled at you. Andrew looked steaming mad. In your mind you could only hope that Aaron would come since you have this class with him. you clear your throat and say,"Antonio," he interrupted and sais,"please call me 'Tony'" in his hot accent. you tried not to melt then continued, "Tony, please meet my boyfriend Andrew". Tony's smile turned into a frown then a not-so-happy smile. "Nice to meet you." tony answered to Andrew and then he held out his hand. Andrew scowled at the both of you completely ignoring Tony's hand. " why don't you take your hand off my girl's back and get out of my face Tony." said Andrew rudely.
  3. Tony scowled and said,"Why don't you make me. at least i have better respect of the girl". you were shocked at the sight of seeing Tony so angry when he was so happy just a second ago!! Andrew threw a punch aiming straight for his face.
  4. You got so angry that he did that. so, you shot out your arm and pushed his arm down. it took Andrew a while to understand what just happened. then, he threw another punch... this time at you.
  5. Antonio hesitated for a minute trying to realize what was happening when suddenly, Andrew fell to the ground. this time he lost control. he got up and punched Tony in the face. Tony couldn't see anything and you were frozen... completely in shock. then you felt a cold, strong hand in your arm. you turned to see Andrew. you yanked your arm away and said,"let me go Andrew!" he was really angry and he grumbled," why don't you make me?"
  6. Someone takes Tony to the nurse and You just hope with all your might that Aaron will help you. Andrew is dragging you somewhere unknown. by now, the tardy bell has rung and the hallways are empty. Andrew drags you by his locker and slams you against the wall.
  7. you think you hear footsteps coming down the hall but you just ignore it. you think its probably all the hope in your mind that someone will come save you. Andrew starts yelling at you and you just can't help but cry. now he's telling you to stop crying but you won't. you can't.
  8. "kiss me." he says. You give him an are you crazy face and say,"I'd rather kiss a toilet!" he chuckles then leans in for a kiss. he's holding you against the wall but you can't do anything. he's too strong. you turn your head around to see Alex.
  9. the hallway is dark so you think its him because you can see his now green eyes glow a little. Andrew doesn't see him. you is all focused on you. he grabs your jaw tightly and pulls it to him. "no." you mumble.
  10. He laughs and leans in once again. you close your eyes preparing yourself for the force against your lips.then suddenly instead of feeling a hard pressure against your lips, your falling to the ground. someone warm and soft catches you. you look up to see Bryan. you turn around and you can barely see Alex beating up Andrew and Aaron just threw him to the wall. Aaron comes up to you and Bryan and says," hey there beautiful. Like my reinforcements?" you smile which hurts your cheeks because Andrew was squeezing them not to long ago but you didn't care. you were saved.
  11. Bryan tries to balance you in case you fall again. you can barely feel your legs. you can finally speak. " thanks you guys so so much!!" but then you realize you were crying again. they all looked sad and Alex suggested. "lets take her to the house." you were wiping off your tears and you said," What about school its second period." the guys looked at each other and said, "actually Jule, its last period. this is the old, abandoned hallway. nobody comes here because an earthquake hit here a few months ago and it was proven to not be safe for students." your confused...
  12. "well then why is Andrew's locker here?" you question. Alex speaks up to answer your question, "because he's an idiot and he he keeps thinking he can withstand anything." you all nod then laugh.
  13. you go to the office with the guys and explain that Andrew was going to hurt you. the people in the office kept asking questions like "how did you know that Julia was there?" you wondered the same thing... then Alex answered,"well she and Andrew are usually in my 3rd period and she is in my fourth period as well but i didn't see her. i got suspicious when i didn't see Andrew either." then Aaron but in," she wasn't in my 2nd and 6th period or lunch." now Bryan spoke... "nether was she in my 7th period. she also had last period with me. so, what i did was that i excused my self to got to the bathroom to look for her and that's when we all bumped into each other." the lady at the front desk asked you, "Would you like to go back to class?" you frown because you know you look terrible and there is only 20 minutes 'till school ends. you shake your head and she looks at the boys and says, " okay boys, thank you. you can go back to class now." your frown turns into a "no don't leave me i'm too scared" kind of face. Then you say, "actually miss, we called my mom not to long ago and she suggested these boys take me home. you know, in case anything happens to me." the boys look at you in surprise. when the lady looked at them, they all nodded happily. "okay then, I'll see you all next week. have a safe ride."
  14. you'r in Aaron's sweet ride and your in the backseat with Bryan. Alex called shotgun. Bryan explains that Tony has a broken nose and he is currently in the hospital. "he should be home soon though." Bryan said. you question,"home? you all live together?" they all say,"yes". then Aaron asks,"do you want to go to your house or ours?" you think about it for a minute and you say, "yours i don't want to deal with my parents."
  15. Aaron pulls into the forest not so far from the city. your getting a little creeped that they live in the forest. you can't say anything so you keep quiet. suddenly, the car stops. "what's going on, Aar-" Aaron cuts him off, "shh..." then he whispers, "we're not alone"... CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!!!!!!!

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