Your Werewolf life part 1

Your werewolf life. Many vampire lives and Music things but never a werewolf life. This is just part 1 so don't freak out okay people. Part 2 is soon to you!

Werewolves Hmmmmmm,one of the most common things living on the earth right? What would chances be if you were stranded with werewolves. I would run for my life? What about you?

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  1. Okay one night, you're hungry and you decide to take some food from the fridge
  2. You quietly open the fridge and you see werewolves come out of the fridge
  3. They ask you for your T.V or they'll kill you
  4. Then suddenly, they just snatch you, pull you in a bag and run
  5. Then they dump you in their stupid werewolf house
  6. They tie you with ropes and pull out a knife
  7. Just when their about to kill you, your best friends Jake and Sarah come into the House
  8. Then they start fighting the Werewolves and free you
  9. You run for your life and just realize that their after you
  10. What is gonna to happen you think. Would you listen to Jake or Sarah
  11. Bye Bye part 2 soon

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Quiz topic: My Werewolf life part 1