The 10-question werewolf survival test

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Images of werewolves are all around us, from bloodthirsty monsters to the cuddly boyfriend type. Could you survive a traditional werewolf attack or has Hollywood sealed your fate?

These 10 questions will help you determine whether you can survive a night against a werewolf! Only those who know the oldest tales will survive this quiz.

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  1. In ancient Rome, which of these was thought to turn a man into a werewolf?
  2. When confronted with a werewolf, what is the only foolproof way to stop it? Do you:
  3. Which of these animals does not exist in folklore?
  4. In traditional folklore, werewolves are closely associated with which other "creature"?
  5. Which of these is not a way to turn into a werewolf?
  6. Who is the original Hollywood wolfman?
  7. Wolves became extinct in Great Britain during the:
  8. In traditional folklore, which of these is not the sign someone is a werewolf?
  9. Which of these does not hurt a werewolf?
  10. Which is not a way for a werewolf to return to human form?

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