A quiz to test your knowledge about werewolves, REAL not twilight or hollywood silver bullet s---. Real questions about true werewolf nature, lets see how you do?

Are you a werewolf rookie, novice, twilight obssessed loser? Or do you know your stuff when it comes to werewolf fact and fiction? Test yourslef on TRUE fact

Created by: swiftclaw

  1. When do werewoloves transform?
  2. how do you become a werewolf?
  3. can silver bullets kill a werewolf?
  4. what does a changed werewolf look like?
  5. are werewolves any vampires at war?
  6. do werewolves turn into manics that kill on the full moon?
  7. are werewolves creatures of the devil?
  8. what do werewolves eat?
  9. do werewolves live in packs?
  10. are werewolves and wolf therians the same?

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