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Hello, this is the Sequel to 'The Vampires. Take this quiz if you are a person that likes suspense, action, Vampires, Werewolves and blood. If you haven't taken the first one, 'The Vampires', TAKE IT NOW!

This quiz, or story more likely is about romance, a little comedy and a little suspense and a little bit of Myth and Legend into it. So please take this quiz! I worked REALLY hard on it! Here we introduce some new characters!

Created by: Sup9877
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  1. This is the Sequel to 'The Vampires', so if you haven't tried that one yet, do it NOW! You will understand it better.
  2. "I'm a...a...Vampire?" you asked, surprised. "Well, technically, you're half human too." "Wait you said you were enemies of the Werewolves, tell me about them." "Well I don't know much, Logan is the Werewolf expert. But I'll tell you what I know. They are humans and Hollywood doesn't get their facts right, Werewolves are like shape shifters, they change into Werewolves when they want to. The full moon has no effect on them. They are indians, they are Quiluette indians."
  3. BREAK! Who do you like better?
  4. You noticed that their eyes were all black, they are hungry. Logan says "Guys, we need to eat now." That was the first time you have ever heard Logan's voice, it was pretty deep, soft and beautiful. "Oh, right." replied Nate "We will be gone for a week. Goodbye." then they all filed out the door. Logan was the last one, he said "Hey, stay out of the forest, we are not the only dangerous ones." then he closed the door.
  5. *Phone rings* you answer it "Hey, Tracy. " "Oh, hey _______, I was wondering if you could come over." "Uh, sure thing, Tracy." "Ok! Bye!" You go over to your friend's house and hang out for a while, then it was time for you to go home. On your way home, you stare at the forest, something was telling you to go in there. You start walking towards it, completely ignoring, Logan's warning.
  6. You are soon inside, wandering around. You turn around 3 people, or Vampires I presume. They were men, about the age of 20-30. They all had bright blood red eyes. One had short black hair, it was combed, he had hair gel on and he looked nervous and they all wore ragged clothes. The second one was bald and very pale, start of a beard and average. The last one was a red-head, freckles and muscular.(Me:Hey not ALL of them can be hansom.) The bald-head took a step forward. "Stop!" said the black haired one. There was a sudden gust of wind and they were all thrown against the trees. The wind stopped and right in front of you was a huge, muscular, whitish-gray wolf. The wolf grabbed you and threw you on it's back and ran off.
  7. The wolf suddenly stopped, it seemed to shift into a man, you fell backwards. "Hey." a familiar voice said.
  8. You look up and see a man with dark golden brown eyes, black cropped hair and he's just wearing green baggy shorts. "Josh? Wow you've grown what are you, like, 20? Wait, you're a...a...a" "A Werewolf, I was going to tell you at the end of 8th grade, but you transfered. I am 19 actually, what are you, 40." he finished. "Hahaha very funny, I'm actually 17." "You don't seem surprised." "Surprised about what?" "That I'm a Werewolf." "No not really, I have some friends who told me about you guys." "Hanging out with Vampires these days?" "Yeah, you don't seem surprised." "Yeah, it's cause I already hang out with one, you. I knew that a long time ago."
  9. "I see you've met The Three Nomads, Karsh(Black haired), Sitka(Red-head) and Sitno(Bald-head)." "Who are they?" "Vampires, of course you already knew that, they won't be here for long, so don't worry. Come, I want to show you my pack." "You have a pack? Ok lets go Alpha Mutt." "Oh, that's cold. Call me a dog instead, but wolf is better. Oh, and Lycan works too!"
  10. You were soon at the Quiluette Reservation. There were 3 men standing and facing us, but not looking. They looked the same as Josh, only 2 had different colored hair. One was black haired like Josh, the second was blondish-brownish and the last was dark brown. "Hey! Scott(Blondish-brownish), Chase(Black hair), Gabe(Dark brown)!" They looked up and smiled at Josh, but when they looked at me, their smile quickly faded away, into a frown.
  11. BREAK! Again. Which Werewolf do you like better?
  12. One more question: Which one?
  13. Sorry gotta go! Come back for may other Sequels! It's...Time The War and The Last Battle Begins

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