They Are Here. Part 2 (Girls Only)

Take this quiz if you like suspense, blood, Vampires, Werewolves and fantasy. This quiz will take you to a whole new world, where Daemons and Mythical creatures exist in our world, hiding.

This quiz is about 4 Werewolves, 4 Vampires and a girl (That's you!) that embark on a great adventure to save the world, Earth. See if they succeed. Take it!

Created by: Sup9877
  1. A few days later JJ, Jason, Nate and Logan returned. You hung out for a few hours and you couldn't take it, you absent mindedly blurt out "Why didn't you guys tell me that your parents were 'Them'?" They stopped what they were doing then Jason said "Who told you?" "Josh." Jason's eyes squinted, he repeated the name "Josh."
  2. JJ said "You're right, our parents are 'Them' we have been trying to stop the feeding for years, but our parents are just too powerful." "It depends on what powers they have." you say. "Well our parents are like Gods and Devils, your people call them Daemons. Jason and my mom has the power of Life and my dad has the power of Weather.
  3. "Nate's mom has the power of Building which means she can build any type of creature with any object or organism, his dad has the power of Shapeshifting. Logan's mom has the power of Destruction and his dad has the power of The Dead."
  4. But 'They' or 'Them' splitted years ago. They splitted into 2 groups. Those two groups now have a leader, one of them has a leader named Fury, he is a sinister creature, a evil incarnate, he has the power of extreme Fire, Lava and Heat. He controles the Sun. The other has a Ice Queen named, Asayla, she is like Fury. She controles the Moon, Coldness, Snow and all types of forms of Water. They are fighting each other for a new Empire up here. If they don't stop there will be Earthquakes all over the world. They will soon take over."
  5. "While we were gone we have tried to assemble armies of Creatures and Supernatural beings to stop them. Can you tell your little Werewolf friends to team up with us?" "Sure, I'll tell 'em tomorrow." "Thanks, we can't cross Reservation border line."
  6. BREAK! Werewolves or Vampires?
  7. What power would you rather have?
  8. "However" continued JJ "We could get our other brother Bruce William to join." "JJ, we don't know where he is and he is too dangerous." warned Logan. "It's a chance I am willing to take, Logan." "What power does Bruce have?" you asked "His power is EXTREMELY dangerous, nobody can controle it better than him, he can't even controle it either." "But he's improving." interupted Logan
  9. JJ sighed then said "His power is Imagination.
  10. "Pretend there is a person in front of him and he imagines that the person gets crushed by a car. Then suddenly a car flies out of nowhere and crushes that person. That's how his power works."
  11. "This is why it's too risky to have him." Logan blurted out. "I agree." said Jason "Well we don't." said Nate and JJ in unison. "It's up to you, ______" said Jason.
  12. Ok lets pretend you said yes. "Yes." you said. "We have our choice." said Jason "We just need to track him down.
  13. After days of researching, you finally find his location. "Tokyo, Japan." said Logan.
  14. You are soon at Japan. You look everywhere, then you bump into somebody, it was the bald headed nomad."RUN!" said Jason.
  15. You, Logan, Nate, Jason and JJ are soon captured. They tied you up and threw you in a truck. You fall asleep soon.
  16. You soon wake up, chained to a chair, blindfolded. A few minutes later someone takes off your blindfold, you look around and see your friends tied up too. "Looking for somebody?" said the red head. "Bring him out!" said the black hair. You then see somebody else chained to a chair blindfolded.
  17. "BRUCE!" yelled JJ. "Jaylen?" asked Bruce. "I am fairly curious, how did you capture Bruce?" asked Nate "Well it wasn't easy, there were things flying at us out of nowhere. Well we soon found his weakness, he needs to be blind folded, if he can't see anything, he can't do anything."
  18. You see a spark of fire right by Logan, his finger is in flames, he is trying to cut the chains off. In a few minutes he is free and he lets us all go, it quickly turns into a gruesome fight. Logan aims his ball of flames at the red head, bur he is pushed over and the room is suddenly on fire.
  19. It is soon really foggy and you can barely see anything, someone grabs you and drags you out of the building, it was Bruce. "Are you okay?" he asked. You look around your body and see the palm of your hands bleeding. You answer him, "Yeah I'm fine." Soon all the guys run out of the building.
  20. You notice that Logan is missing. "Where's Logan?" you ask "What? Oh no. I think he's still in there." They try to run back and help him but the building has intense fires. Logan suddenly slams through the windows and lands on the ground with a thud.
  21. He was laying on the ground, limp. "He's knocked out." said Nate. You soon check in a hotel, done for the day. When you were in your suite, you've never noticed before, but Bruce's eyes were like Sapphires, he had brownish-blackish hair, muscular and wearing casual clothes.
  22. Sorry, gotta finish this quiz! Come back for my next! 'The War'

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