They Are Here. (Girls Only

This is quiz is the Sequel to 'The Vampires' and 'The Werewolves'. This quiz is suspenseful, romantic kind of and a little bit of Mythical creatures in it.

This quiz doesn't introduce you to new characters, you have to wait until part two of this quiz. There might be a lot of action and suspense on part two of this quiz.

Created by: Sup9877

  1. This is the Sequel to 'The Werewolves' and 'The Vampires'. If you haven't taken the first one, 'The Vampires', take it now. Then take 'The Werewolves'. Ok lets get started.
  2. You whisper to Josh, "What's with them?" "Oh, they think it's a bad idea to let you on the Reservation." "Oh." was all you could say. You were approaching them, you heard a low growl rumble in Gabe's, throat. Then Josh said "Cool it Gabe, she is no danger to our Tribe." "Yeah Gabe." said Scott.
  3. "Sorry, I thought that..she was...nevermind." whispered Gabe, "Hey, that time won't come... not yet, Gabe. But if it does, we'll be ready." Chase whispered. "So smile like she's a regular person." ordered Scott. They turned their heads toward us and smiled big toothy smiles. It almost startled you.
  4. "What were they talking about, Josh?" you asked. He got tense and hesitated before he answered "It's...just a Legend, a Myth. I'll tell you about it later."
  5. You were soon in front of them, Josh introduced you them. You were soon at Josh's house, it was small, old and smelly, the way it was before. You all sat down in his living room, with his dad, Joey. You all talked and laughed. Josh whispered, "Do you still wanna know?" "Yes." you replied. He whispered to the others and his dad. Their laughs, suddenly turned into frowns.
  6. "I'll give you guys a moment." said Joey. "Thanks dad." said Josh. "This Myth, well Legend, is called 'Them', I know weird title for a little story. Only our ancestors have seen them. Every 500 years, 'They' come up on this area to feed on people, even Vampires and Werewolves. Each of 'Them' eat 200 people in one day. We don't know how many there are, only that they are like us, monsters. The humans and 'Them' have a long history. This time they are not feeding, this time they are going to wipe out the human race and build a new Empire up here."
  7. You ask "So when's 500 years?" he looked shocked and disgruntled, "In two weeks 'They' are coming, your little Vampire friends know about it too." "Why didn't they tell me?" Cause their parents ARE 'Them'!
  8. Chase, Scott and Gabe looked shocked. Guess they didn't know that either. "You should be getting home now, it's late." said Josh "Yeah, see you tomorrow, Josh. Chase, Gabe, Scott." "_______" they said in unison.
  9. BREAK! Which color do you like?
  10. Please take my next quiz I'm making. It's called 'They Are Here. Part 2'

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