Love or life part 6

Hi. Thanks For taking my quiz. I hope you liked it. You might not remember but i pu up my E-mail in part one. Nice thinking Mini Zee. So this is er thinking.

Ill try to make part 7 as soon as i can. I really liked reading this. It was quite fun. Arrghhh I hate this.. I dont really like typing all this but stupid RULES!!!

Created by: Allahallah

  1. Suad: Alan I need to talk to you about her training. Alan: ok. Hey I'm srry about earlier but she's just like me. Well she is like all three of us but there is one person we need to keep her away from.
  2. suad: You right. He can make her fall in love with her. #*#*#CRASH#*#*# alan and suad: what was that?!?!?!
  3. Back to u. Uma: you will pay for stealing Alan! You: "but I didn't." she takes you b the hair and crashes yourface into the mirror n you feel a shrp pang of pain in your face.
  4. Thelast thing you see is uma has a big stick filled with fire n you start to feel as if u'r melting n you black out.
  5. ~*~*~*~sweety are you ok?~*~*~*~ "mom?" are you alright? You open your eyes and see a women who looks like an angel sitting next to you. She has warm brown eyes, golden hair and she is wearing a very pretty white robe. You look at her, not blinking amazed.
  6. "Who are you?" you finaly say. She had tears in her eyes as she said " sweety I'm Nadia u'r mom!" you look at her n start to. Cry. You both hug n yousee her face changing.
  7. Soon she disappears completly n you see a little girl who looks like you sitting there crying tears of blood. You gasp as you realize that it was you. You go back to when you were going to your room in the boys house n you saw the painting with u crying blood. You look at her n gasp again. She looks up to you smiles n wispers "ageb dastan hain yeh. Khan shuro hakan khatam? Yeah manzilIN HAI KOM SI? Na tum samagh sakey na hum?!?
  8. You see a big dagger in her hand as she comes towards you. You start to back up n fell down the bed. You keep on falling n fallig while hearing an evil laughter!
  9. You wake up screening and exidently punch suad in the face. He was sleeping by u'r bed side n woke with u'r smak. "WTF???? "WHAT HAPPENED?"
  10. You feel a wave of emotion run over u and you start to cry. Suad takes you in his arms and calms you down.
  11. You look into his eyes n u lean towards him. He leans towards you when the door suddenly burst open.
  12. You both look n see... CLIFFHANGER!!!

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