A second love story part 5

READ: Okay, so your thinking is like this: < hahahaha > and in this part, you'll be free at last! I BELIVE I CAN FLY! *crashes into tree in front of face*

IGNORE: Ummm... Having severe case of writer's block... Don't know what to do... Uggghh... Oh, right, in this part, Marcus is coming back! Yaayers! Still... Can't think of anything to write...

Created by: Gbeth

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  1. It's Marcus! "MARCUS!!!" everyone screams, and runs to hug Marcus. "Aww, I missed you guys too!" he responds.
  2. "Sorry if Drake seems a little..." Alex says, but Drake cuts him off with an angry glare. "What's YOUR problem, mister suicidal?" Alex taunts."AAAGGHH!!" you holler, and throw your hands up in disgust, "That's it, I quit!" You grab your gear, some snacks from Marcus's room, (...) a knife from Alex's room, and storm out of the house.
  3. "_____!" George calls, but you run into the surrounding forest. A hand grabs your wrist, but you take out your knife and cut it. Turns out, that was Alex! "OOWWW!" he yells, but you continue running. You find an old car, and hop in. You drive and almost hit a guy sitting on a tree stump holding his wrist. He has curly, semi-long brown hair and piercing blue-gray eyes. You know it's Alex, since he's a shape shifter, and continue driving. Shoot! The car ran out of gas! You have no option but to continue on foot. Finally, you are on your street when George blocks your way. "You're going back-" but you cut him off by punching him so hard that you break his nose. "OOWWW!" he yells, but you sprint into your house and lock the door.
  4. You walk into the sunroom, and a woman turns to face you. "____?" she asks. It's your mom! "Mom!" you almost shout (the guys are outside) and you two embrace each other. "Let me look at you," she says, holding you out at arm's length. You look at her. There are bags under her eyes, and she is almost bone-skinny. "Are you okay?" you both ask at the same time, and you both break into laughter.
  5. *fast forward* You walk into first period, unnoticed. " Class," the teacher, Mrs.Bruin, announces, "we have a new student. Out from the hallway emerged... DRAKE?!! "Hi, my name is Drake, and I just got here from a neighboring town," he says, with a quick glance at you. Fortunately, the two of you won't have to sit together, but you're in note-passing distance. The rest of class continues on without anything.
  6. *BRRRINNG!* the bell rings, and you walk over to second period. "Y'all need to listen up," the teacher, Proffesor Tosserhat, announces. "We got a new student here. Please walk in, Marcus Filtch." In walks... That's right... MARCUS!! "H-h-hi," he stutters, clenching his books so hard that his knuckles turn white. "I-I-I amm M-M-Marc-c-cus." "Marcus, please choose a seat," the teacher announces. Unfortunately for you, Marcus chose the seat right next to you. He didn't say anything to you until the bell rang. "Meet me at lunch," he whispers, and walks out of the room.
  7. You walk over to the table where your friends Lauren (remember her from Part 1?) , Lucy, Stacy, and Pauleene are sitting, but at 5 meters away, someone's hand grabbed your arm. You knew it was George. "George, leave me alo-" he cut you off by giving you his attempt at puppy-dog eyes. "Nice try," you tell him, and shove his hand off of your wrist. You walk over to where your friends where, and all of you enjoy lunch... Except for the guys.
  8. Great. Lunch is over. You grab your books and walk over to your third class of the day. Quickly, you put your stuff down and begin taking notes. "Class, quiet down!" your grumpy old teacher, Ms. Sussman, hollers. "We have a new student. "Alexander-" "Alex" "-Alex," she said, glaring at the guy in the door," we have your seat." In walks... Great... Alex. He glances at you, then takes his seat. Luckily, he's halfway across the classroom from you. "Alex, we have a rule about hats. Nora (Nora's some snobby girl in your class; if you are a Nora, pretend the girl's name is something else), would you mind telling Alexand-" " Alex" "-about it?" Nora stood up with a flirtatious wink at Alex. "No hats on during class," she says. Alex takes his hat off to reveal his spiky black hair, and class continues without a peep.
  9. After class, you see Nora tell Alex, "Oh, ____'s just some hoe..." "How DARE you call _____ a hoe like that!" Alex yells as he loudly punches his locker door. Before anyone notices you, you scurry of to your last class of the day: Chemistry.
  10. Before I get to the REAL question 12, I just need to say this: Read the first paragraphs at the top or you may get confused.
  11. Ha! I lied! Chemistry isn't until Part 6!
  12. Also, I'm having a case of writer's block. The first person who names one of the guys they don't like and one cause of death's idea will be put in Part 6. Sorry about the preview in part 4, by the way; that's gonna be AFTER the finale, in a separate quiz. By the way, this series will end somewhere between Part 7 and Part 10. See y'all, and don't forget to eat lots of cheese!...

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