Time Less Love Part 14

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*READ THIS* Well did you like the new way I made the results? I hope you all got what you wanted! =D Although no one commented on it so I’m not sure if they came out alright but it seems they did by your positive reactions to the newest story update. I also had to switch up the story questions too but I hope I wasn’t being too straight forward on the answer options.

Ok and just so you know I wanted to make a STORY, so I’m not totally sure on when I’ll let you meet up with the guys again, it will be soon, but for the sake of all of you wanting them back in the story I’ll try to include them as often as I can =)

Created by: BlackandWhite

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  1. *Read* Uptop descriptions* Now to the story! YaY! Ok now, you gaze at the sight in front of you, beyond the line of trees is what you see is a small settlement of cabins and cottages. You look in awe at all the creatures in front of you. To your left you see a bright red dragon with rhombus shaped scales who was speaking to a elf girl with light pink skin and olive green hair who held a large woven basket full of food. In front of you also see a nymph with a bright smile who has pale orange skin with light blue hair and deep indigo tribal marking around her eyes in what seemed to a very interesting conversation with a indigo dragon whose circular scales that matched her markings.
  2. A shadow crosses overhead and you look up to a sun yellow dragon with square scales, and a very excited and squealing blue wolf girl riding on its back. You look around and notice all kinds of different mythical creatures. A catman who looks part leopard, dragons, elves, nymphs, a bird woman who looks half eagle, and even a yeti!
  3. You gape at all the creatures, it looks like a refuge camp of some sort. Out of the corner of your eye you notice Kasidel half turned her head at you, but you ignore the gesture as she stays silent.
  4. She looks at you to study your reaction to the scene in front of you. She turns her head ahead and they continue to treed further into the clearing. “Do they surprise you _______?” Kasidel says to you breaking the trace you were once in. You look to her and as you open your mouth to speak the crowd notices you approaching. Their faces grow wide with grins of happiness at the site of your arrival. A little purple elf with deep blue haired boy begins to run to meet your trio, “Kasidel you bac…k,” the elf boy says but never finishes as he sees you peek behind Kasidel and Hinder. He stops his advance, and his cheerful smile falls to a small gape of astonishment. O.o
  5. You look awkwardly to him and give his a small smile but his reaction was not expected, he points at you and screams, “HUMAN!”. Once seeing the boy’s reaction the crowds faces fall like a fast spreading plague, and you see some have faces of suspicion, shock, and some grim. It’s quiet for a moment and some turn to one another pretending the incident of shock had not happened and yet they kept their eyes turned your way in spite themselves. (Me: So much for first impressions.)
  6. Soon Hinder comes to a stop, and Kasidel gracefully dismounts. You look to her and as always her face shows bored uninterested emotion. No reassurance from her I guess. You begin wiggling around not knowing but still trying to get off of Hinder’s back. “Grrrr,” you hear a irratated growl and as you look up you see Hinder’s head turned towards, growling at your wiggling. Then before you know it your sliding off Hinder’s back and land on your butt hard sending up a puff of dust.
  7. You look up at Kasidel and see her blank look and at Hinder’s snotty smirk. You lay there still a bit taken aback realizing Hinder had just dumped you off his back! You send a small glare but not hard at the fact you weren’t sure Hinder would turn on you.
  8. “I wish the guys were here,” you think to yourself. You look around embarrassed but get up and brush yourself off ignoring to distant laughs from the creatures around you. You notice Kasidel look you up and down, “Follow me,” she says turning and walking away. You silently follow her as she walks toward a wood and stone cottage that is larger than the others, it also has ivy draping wild yet elegantly over the roof almost all the way down to the ground. Kasidel knocks on the door and opens it without waiting for a response, you follow to see a plain but personalized open layout room. It was a nice cottage style room with a bleeding heart vine plant growing out of the wooden floor boards. There was also oak tree with a bed built around it with a earth tone blanket on the bed; but what caught your eye the most was the large male body sitting in a chair at a small antique wooden table, he looked at a wall just past the window. He had Kasidel’s ears yet larger and he had long hot pinkish purple hair and wore a white robe, his feet are bare.
  9. “This is my father,” Kasidel says to turning to look at you. The man turns his head over his shoulder at you and you see his eyes don’t have markings around them and he has a beautiful face. He stares silently and you stare back. Awkward…. “I believe he can help you. I sensed you have power and I believe he can help you contact the people you seem to be looking for and also teach you a few things about your power.” Kasidel says as she sees neither you nor your father know what to say to one another.
  10. “Please leave.” You turn as you hear the elfin man’s deep voice.
  11. “I wish to speak to my daughter alone for a moment. Can you please step outside.” “Um ok,” you say as you step outside the cottage closing the door behind you. You walk around the other side of the house toward a window and you begin to hear Kasidel and her father talking. “Why did you bring her here?” You hear Kasidel’s father deep voice, it’s calm but you can tell he isn’t happy. “She needed my help, she was out alone in the forest.” Kasidel says in any equally calm response. Man what is it with these people being so calm all the time you think to yourself. “She can compromise everything we built, she’s human, she doesn‘t understand.” Kasidel’s father retorted back.
  12. You lean closer to the window trying to listen not bothering to notice everything else around you. “HEY! Who are you and what do you think you’re doing?!” (You: EEP) (Me: Cliffhanger HAHAHA!!! Yah I’m bad =P)
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