Love declares war part 1

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Before you start this is a GIRL ONLY QUIZ! SO no dudes! Sorry! This is a story quiz and in the end at the results you will get a hot guy no matter what!

Just take your time to please take my quiz! Hope you get the guy you want and if you dodnt there is always part 2! It might be a little slow and not exciting right now but in part 2 it will be more exciting I promise!

Created by: Toshiro luver!

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  1. You are walking home from school your backpack slung over your shoulder. You suddenly feel a chill run down your spine and then you get kicked in the head and your out cold. When you wake up you see a tiger,wolf,bear, and leopard looming over you. You scream, horrified, but then you seen alarm on the animals faces and they start to turn into some REALLY smexy boys.
  2. The one who was a tiger is now a really hot guy with dark red hair and lovely green eyes, he has a bandanna on his head looking styleish, he has on black pants and a Nike shirt.
  3. The wolf is now a cute guy with silverish white hair and deep purple eyes. He has a spiked bracelet that doesnt give a good impression. He has on white skinny jeans and a purple hoodie.
  4. The bear turns into a super cute guy with dark brown hair and reassuring brown eyes. He has a necklace that has a bear claw on it. He is wearing a black top and dark blue jeans.
  5. The last one, the leopard becomes a hot guy with blonde hair and light green eyes. He has a gold ring on his right ring finger. He is wearing a white top and some light blue shorts.
  6. The blonde one says "We are so sorry for scaring you we just have something important we need you for"he says apolegeticly. "What do you need me for?" you ask. The blonde guy sighed, "To choose one of us" You laugh "Your kidding me right so I have to choose one of you or you guys will fight over me?" you say sarcastically. The blonde one nods "Yeah actually thats exactly whats going to happen" Your jaw drops. He then introduces himself "Im Drake and thats Ren" he says pointing to the redhead and Ren waves. "That's Mark" Drake says pointing to the brown haired guy. Mark smiles and says "Nice to meet you" then Drake says "And that's..." he gets cut off as the sliver haired guy says "And im Thomas" Drake rolls his eyes. You say hello and Drake says that they can all turn into animals with their lucky charms. Drake's is a ring, Ren's is a bandanna, Thomas's is a spiked bracelet and Mark's is his bear claw necklace. Drake continues on "And you should have one too" he says. You look at him confused "But I dont" you say. Drake's eyes widen and so does the other boys. Mark then says "Are you sure you dont?" he asks in a strong british accent. You nod then remember you have a keychain that you always carry around with you of a paw print and you show it to the boys and they all smile.
  7. Thomas says "Yours is the awesomest!" You blush at his nice words. Then you look to Ren who stopped smiling and had such a straight face once he noticed you were looking at him his whole face flushed. Drake smiled to you and said "I wonder what animal you can turn into!" he said hotly. Mark came up to you and kissed your hand "Your object is not as beautiful as you" he says smiling. You blush "Well thanks" Right after he says that you hear a rustle in a bush and all the guys turn around and so do you its a wolf!
  8. CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!!!!
  9. Who is you fave boy so far?
  10. Do you want me to make part two? (Please comment if you do!)

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