Love declares war part 3

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Here is part 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope everyone likes it! Slight spoiler! There will be a new character!!!!!!! Yep everyone loves the new characters! XD

So this time you can get Thomas,Mark, Drake,Ren, or Luke! (Luke is new dude!) Hope you like my quiz! Just scroll down and start answering and reading!

Created by: Toshiro Luver!

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  1. You gasp and run toward Thomas but someone places a hand on your shoulder before you even move. The hand is ice cold you're scared to see who put the hand on your shoulder. You hear a whisper in your ear "Hello *your name*" the voice whispers. You jump and look at who's behind you. It's a guy approxamitley 16 and he has dark red and black hair and glowing red eyes.
  2. You stare at him "What do you want!?" you yell. He chuckles and says "Oh nothing" You get furious "Why did you hurt Thomas!?" you yell. The guy laughs and suddenly disappears and reappears behind you. He whispers in your ear again "Hurt? I think I killed him" Your heart sinks "YOU MONSTER!" you scream and punch him in the face giving him a bloody nose. "Ouch" he says sarcastically and laughs. You growl and try to punch him again but he stops your punch and throws you to the floor. "Don't mess with me *your name*" You stagger up "How do you know my name?" you ask raising your voice. He laughs "Cause,and by the way I'm Luke" he says and disappears.
  3. You run over to Thomas his breathing shallow you curse under your breath. Then Ren,Drake, and Mark break down the door. You turn to them and almost want to scream for joy. Drake comes up to you "Are you okay?" You nod "But, Thomas is hurt" you say. Drake,Ren, and Mark gasp at the same time. Ren rushes over to Thomas "Oh man this is bad, Mark can you find me a first aid kit?" Ren asks. Mark nods and rushes off to a room and comes back out with a first aid kit and hands it to Ren. You look at Ren "Is Thomas going to be alright?" Ren shrugged taking some stuff out of the kit "I dont know" he says honestly. Mark then says "Did you see who did it?" You nod "It was a guy with dark red and black hair, glowing red eyes, and he said his name was Luke" you say. Mark seems alarmed "Drake" he says and Drake walks over "Hm?" Drake asks. "Luke did this" Mark said. Drake growled "Luke! That guy never knows when to stop!" You look at Drake "Who is this Luke guy?" you ask. Drake sighs "He's a vampire"
  4. "WHAT!?" you yell. Drake nods "He is" You stare at him in disbelief "What did he want from Thomas?" you ask. Drake shakes his head "Nothing he wanted you" You stare at him "Why would he want me?" you ask. "Because he wants your blood" You gasp "Why?" Drake sighs "If he can just get one drop of your blood we are doomed" You cross your arms "What's so special about my blood?" you ask. Drake sighs "Your blood type is one in a million thing and he wants it, that's why we are fighting for you so the strongest one can protect you from this vampire" You nod "But why cant all of you protect me?" you ask. He sighs "Because not all of us are going to stand around you like body guards! You need to go back to your family!" You nod and turn tto Ren who is treating an unconcious Thomas "Ren, is he going to be okay?" you ask. Ren nods "He should be fine" You smile releived.
  5. Mark turns to you "Go lie down its still early in the morning" he says and you nod and go into the room you were in and you scream when you see Luke.
  6. Mark and Drake burst into the room and growl at Luke. Luke chuckles "Hello Mark and Drake" They growl and Mark turns into a bear while Drake picks you up and runs out with you. Luke snickers "Well, I guess I will just kill you and go after them" he hisses and you hear a beaer growl in pain.
  8. Which boy do you like the most?
  9. Please comment and rate! Comment especially if you want Part 4!
  10. Bye~(Doesnt effect just needed a question XD)

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