Magic and Love~Part 2~

This is PART TWO!!!! Recap will be in the be in the next paragraph for now I hope you enjoy this quiz please take Part 1 first. Thanks gotoquiz users!!!!!

RECAP~ You were just about to get in a fight with your mentor, Velvetu. He had just offered you a wand to help your magic. What will happen in this episode of magic and love part 2.

Created by: Kunai
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  1. Your mouth drops, wands? And Velvetu spoke in English! Haha. Anyway you look at him as if he is insane. "Magic wands? Really thats such a...I don't even know the word" you say. Velvetu laughs and then turns serious. "Baguettes sont une partie de nous, facile í  faire de la magie avec une partie de nous." Meaning, Wands are a part of us, easy to do magic with a part of us. Glaring you tell him "My magic is a hand magic." And fling a spell of bright orange right at him.
  2. Good thing Velvetu was a good magician because he just sighed and flung his wand to intercept my magic. "La raison de baguettes est de les jeter." he says catching his wand. Wow, he tells me 'The reason for wands is to throw them.' Really? "Fine then give me one of your stupid wands!" you say in a French accent. He throws you one and whispers a spell you can't hear. "Thanks" you mutter catching it and saying a small incantation. "Joppa you the 'Cali" It really didn't have a meaning but the words felt right. "Now can I go?" you ask slightly bored. He nods and says something in that wierd language. You walk out of the padded room and run right into...
  3. Whatever you picked, it was Royst AND Itata. "Hey!" you say trying to get their attention. "What?" Itata asks in his snarky tone. Royst smiled at me and came to stand next to me. "It seems you are done with the testing." Royst says in a tone you've never heard. Was he flirting with you? "Um...yeah, I guess, OH! I had a dream last night..." you let the sentence hang. Itata is the first to notice "Dream? What was it?" he asks. You look into his eyes and say "Jared, he's going to die! The Evil Queen is going after my loved ones first. Then me." Soon you begin to cry and you find Royst hugging you to him and whispering "It's Okay." over and over. Itata is glaring at Royst but then decides "I will go and make an arrangement"
  4. You stop crying and say to Royst "Would you stop trying to make Itata mad?" He grins and shakes his head, "I cannot, but I will stop protecting you if he gets in my way." Your eyes widen and you cough as if it makes you sick. He seems to notice and winces "Oh, no! The Good Queen is sending a message." No matter what you still don't know who the heck that is! And you black out with something crawling your throat.
  5. You dream of Jared strapped in his room with the bomb and a new note. It read in English this time and said "He dies tonight." You wake with a start and jumped when you found Itata right by your side. "What are you doing?" you ask getting up and moving around him. "I was slipping into your dreams," he says. "My dreams?" you ask him gently. "Demon power." You sigh and immediately tell him about your dream. Itata was silent for a moment then says " We are at Jared's house all ready to go save him."
  6. There? How could we be there? Oh well might as well save your best friend. "Come on then!" you whisper to Itata ready to fling yourself out to save him. "We can't Velvetu and Royst already went in." Your close to tears all of a sudden "He dies TONIGHT! I have to go in there." Itata shakes his head "That is what the Evil Queen would want." You sigh and look around, you seem to be in the bed of a truck. Easy to get out of, Itata couldn't catch me. Hmm. You jump. Right before Itata can grab you, Royst does. Wonderful. Where did he come from? "Little one, do you remember anything other than your dream?" Now that you think of it you remember choking and Royst yelling. 'Oh no! The Good Queen is sending a message.' "Ya" you say. He flinches "I forgot to tell you the message, she spoke through your body telling us 'Die if you don't protect the Chosen One.'" Your mind blanks for a sec then you think back, oh yeah I'm the Chosen One. Maybe.
  7. "So you're both here to annoy the crap out of me!?" you ask getting ready to jump again. But Itata grabs you and pulls you into a sitting position while someone runs towards the truck. Royst yells to the person "V, get in here! Package? Yes get it!" Lost, you are lost. "Huh?" you say agitated at all of them but none of them. "Velvetu got Jared, or the package, as we are using code" Itata says amused. "Jared?" you whisper wanting to look but the grip on you He sure did not look that strong but he was. Out of no where Jared is sitting next to me dazed and completely unharmed. Velvetu got in the drivers seat and spoke in perfect English "We have to get out of here the bomb blows in 20 seconds!" You glare at him and yell "So now you speak English?" Jared seems confused as Royst whispers something to him. Somehow he began to look angry "You're dating Royst?" Jared asks you in a total frenzy. "No!" Itata, Velvetu, and you say at the same time. But Itata and Velvetu keep on talking "I am!"
  8. "How did all of you think you were dating me?" you ask getting annoyed at all of them. Itata stares at you and then mutters "Actually, I kinda have to, orders from the Good Queen." You feel an urge to slap him just now but hold up because Royst is talking "We need to hurry up and get to the safe house." Could they possibly slow down you were still on the subject of them all dating you. "Hold it! Slow down for two seconds let me catch up." No one listens to you they just keep on going on and on bout keeping you safe.
  9. Instead of you trying to shut them up you are taken into a vision sent by the Good Queen. "Hello daughter welcome to my land" says a lady covered in silver silk and magic. You take a look around and find yourself in the middle of a lake completely dry. "Daughter?" you ask confused. "Yes you are my daughter not the Chosen One" she says moving to stand next to you. Suddenly you see the resemblance the eyes and hair are the same. Only that, the Good Queen seemed more graceful than any one person. "I can't be your daughter everyone thinks I'm the Chosen One!" you yell feeling stupid saying such a thing. "Believe me I am your mother, I believe you must be sent back now. Good-bye daughter." You are wisked back to the real world with Velvetu over you looking worried. "Are we there?" you ask him getting up onto your elbows. "Ya what was your vision?" he asks back looking over to Itata and Royst coming over here. You answer when all of you are together "The Good Queen said I am here daughter and not the Chosen One."
  10. This is the end of part 2 hope you enjoyed it!!!! Please rate me and I love comments so please do.

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