You're Fantasy part 5

Hey guys! Sorry it took so long to post part 5. My laptop got a stupid virus which kept me from working on it. So, sincere apologies. Please forgive me. But I posted it! Hope you guys enjoy this one.

Recap: you just got stabbed by a mysterious man with red, crimson eyes...Stupid paragraph writing...yeah...So how are you all? Doing fine? UH!I want to stop typing!

Created by: sweeneytoddlova

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  1. The man gave one last gab at your waist. Darkness blanketed your eyes with a dark mist until you completely gave into it and collapsed onto the floor, drifting into unconsciousness.
  2. It's dark. "Is she gonna be okay?" a throaty voice asked in concern. "Yes I'm for sure of it. Her thoughts are perfectly clear." a slightly British voice said. You recognized those two voices. Liam and Darien. "Where are I" you wonder but you didn't say it out loud.
  3. When you finally reached reality you're eyes snapped open. Your vision was blurry but it cleared up after a couple of seconds. You quickly sat up and examined your surroundings. You were lying on a bed with silk sheets. The room's walls was a gentle, cream color. You noticed that there were no windows. Why? It made you feel a little bit claustrophobic.
  4. You realized that you weren't alone. Four other guys were there. Darien, Sebastian, Liam, and...Macon? The one closest to you was Darien and the farthest one was Macon. "Where am I?" you asked. "You're at my house." he answered. "Why?" Darien didn't answer back. He looked at Sebastian. Sebastian nodded and grabbed a mirror then walked up to you. He put the mirror to your face. You examined your face closely.
  5. You started looking slowly from your chin to your forehead. Lips were okay. Nose looked the same. Cheeks still the same color. You finally looked at your eyes. Right eye okay. Left eye...was different. Instead of that color that you have gotten used to through all the years of your life, it was a light purple with detailed designs circling your pupil.
  6. "...What is this?" you asked mortified while putting your fingers around your eye. "You've made a deal with...with a demon." Sebastian answered. "What?" you asked confused, still looking at your eye. "_______, this is a little difficult to explain so listen up." Sebastian said. You sat up straight and started listening.
  7. "You have had several lives. Each of them you've been something different. Like me, like Liam, and like...Macon." he explained. "And what exactly are you?" you asked in curiosity. He hesitated before he answered. "A...a fallen angel." he admitted, letting his sapphire blue eyes drop. "Let's continue, right now you are like Darien, a human with extraordinary abilities." You looked up at Darien and he tapped his temple with his two fingers and smiled. Mind reader. Expect-able. It makes sense.
  8. Sebastian continued."The deal you made with Marcus, the...the demon, is that your next life will be like him. The deal has been made and now his priority is to kill you so that you can be like him as soon as possible. None of us want that." "What deal?" you asked "I don't remember doing so," "We are guessing that you made it in you past lives." Liam answered while standing up from the chair he was sitting on.
  9. You looked down, soaking up all the things that you were told. "If I'm like Darien then what's my ability?" you asked. "That is what we must find out." Darien answered. You paused for a while and then lightly smile. "I have always been thinking that no one knows me more than myself but I guess not." you joked, chuckling a bit. Liam, you seems to be the only one with a sense of humor, chuckled along with you.
  10. Tick. Tock. After an endless moment of awkward silence, you stomach lightly growled. You then realized how hungry you were. "Oh, you're hungry. Let's escort you downstairs." Darien said with his charming accent. He lightly took you hand and all of you headed to the dining room. It has been forever since you have been to Darien's house, it seems bigger than you remember. You were now seated. Whatever was being cooked smelled good. Until now you noticed Macon. He was just leaning up on the door way looking at the floor in deep concentration.
  11. Five minutes passed and your plate was given to you. Darien and Liam also got their serving. Darien was sitting next to you and Liam was walking up to the table. Macon and Sebastian weren't eating. You guessed that they didn't have to.
  12. You felt the splintery wood of the table brush against your skin as you reached for you fork. You jerked the fork up and the wood cut the side of your hand letting you crimson red blood slowly ooze from the cut. "Ow." you mutter.
  13. Macon, who's eyes were wide open, turned his face to the cut. Drip. Drip. Drip. He took three rushed steps towards you but then abruptly stopped and turned his head back. He clenched his hands like if he was trying to hold himself back. Darien was looking at him in an angered way, Liam was crouching like is he was going to tackle Macon, and Sebastian was looking back and forth from Macon to Darien with a worried face.
  14. Macon took a deep breath, hesitated a little bit, and then walked away in a sense position. "What just happened?" you wondered but you didn't say out loud.
  15. OKAY DOKIE!!! This is the end of part 5!! Again, sincere apology for taking you long to post it.
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