You're Fantasy part 2

Ok here is the second part!! yay! Are you ready! Ok, so this part is mainly about Darien because the last one was about Sebastian and so I will cover up each character with one quiz and then once they are all introduced I will start with different things.

Man, another paragraph! I don't like writing these out because I can fit everything into one paragraph...seriously you do not have to read this paragraph but it is already to late.

Created by: sweeneytoddlova

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  1. It is your second day of school now. You are in your school cafeteria now and you are waiting for Darien to show up. You finally see him barely walking in. His golden blond hair and crystal blue eyes was breath taking. You start to eagerly run to him. "Darien!" you yell out.
  2. "Hello, _________!" he called back. You finally got up to him and he hands you a tiny box in gift wrap. "What's this for?" you asked. "Just open it" Darien had the slightest English accent. You open the box and it had a necklace in it. It had very detailed Chinese writing on it. "It means 'love'" Darien said. You look down blushing. "Do you like it?" he asked. "Of course I do!" You cheered. You two start walking to class.
  3. "How was your trip to China?" You asked while messing with the necklace that was now on your neck. "It was fun, I tried a bunch of new foods and I met a lot of nice people." He answered. Wish I could of come." You said. You two were almost near your classroom. Darien looked at the clock. He sighed. "We are almost late for class." he said. "No we're no-" you say but the warning bell cut you off. Darien looked at you in a smug way. He always knew things before they really happened.
  4. You take your seats once you get into class. you sit down where you are supposed to and Darien sits next to you where Sebastian is supposed to sit. "Um...someone already sits there." you tell him. "No worry, I think he's absent." He says back. After he said that the teacher said out loud. "Ok, Sebastian isn't here today." "Told you so." Darien whispered into your ear. Again he did it.
  5. The whole class time Darien answered almost all of the possible questions that the teacher threw at him. He wasn't even at school yesterday. All of his answers were correct. His abilities are uncanny. Class is over now and as you walk out you see Sebastian at his locker. Where was he?
  6. You run up to Sebastian and Darien follows you. "Sebastian!" you yell out. Sebastian turns and looks at you; a light smile painted his face and he lightly blushed. "Why weren't you in class?" you asked. "Um...personal reasons." He answered.
  7. Darienn catches up to you and he stares at Sebastian; examining his traits. "Oh, um Darien this is Sebastian, Sebastian this is Darien." you said. "Nice to meet you, Sebastian." Darien greeted while putting his hand out to shake. Sebastian took a small step back but still shook his hand. Darien looked at his watch. "________, time for you to go to your class." he said before the bell rang. He did it again. "Oh, ok." you say while starting to walk with to class with Sebastian. You two went to sit at your seats and class time began.
  8. Class time felt like it was going to last forever. Boring topic. Every time you looked back at Sebastian he was either staring off into space or drawing in his book. His drawings always came out to good, so realistic just like that angel you saw the other day. Finally it was lunch time and you rush out of the class.
  9. At the cafeteria you and Darien are picking out what you want for lunch. You get a normal plain sandwich and Darien gets a burger with fries. You start thinking about getting an apple. You start saying "Hmm, i guess I'll get an a-" Before you finish you see that Darien is handing you a bright red apple infront of you. You grab it while looking at him in amazement. He looked at you with a joking grin.
  10. "Ok, seriously how do you do that?" you asked while paying for your food. "Do what?" He asked along with a chuckle. "Know exactly what is going to happen and how you know what i want or think about?" you say. "It's...a natural gift." he answered while winking his eye. You don't ask too much because you know that you can't outwit him. You two just went on with your lunch.
  11. Ok thx for takin meh quiz! Rate and comment? :) (no effect)

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