Hogwarts Love Story pt 8

Part 8!!! One of my new characters will be introduced in this part. I think the results are messed up so I'm sorry in advance. I'll post more soon!

Part 8!!! One of my new characters will be introduced in this part. I think the results are messed up so I'm sorry in advance. I'll post more soon! xX

Created by: vulturemonem

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  1. "Harry? Harry? Harry!" you yelled into Harry and Ron's bedroom as they changed before heading off to the Quidditch World Cup. There was a grunt from inside. Ginny came up grinning. You hugged her. "Hey Gin, good summer?" You asked. "Hmm, not bad, Percy is falling over his wand for the Minister of Magic's approval," she said slyly. "Well I think Fudge is the biggest professional bafoon we've had for years," you replied. Just then the door opened and Harry came out. He hugged you happily. "Hi Harry, how were the Dursleys?" "The usual. You been away ____, you're very tanned!" he replied. "Yes, I've been to France with Hermione and her parents," you said. Ron came out and you gave each other a quick hug. There was a pop. "Hello there ____, heard about Percy?" they asked in unison. "Ginny told me, she was bursting with pride," you all snorted at the lame joke. She rolled her eyes. "You lot, come on, we need to get to the portkey," Mr Weasley shouted down.
  2. You gasped as you neared the portkey, it was only the Cedric Diggory there. His auburn hair whipped across his perfect features. You became momentarily mesmerised by his brown eyes, they were flecked with warm gold, giving him a 'Lacey' appearence. You felt Harry tug you sharply. You realised you had stopped walking. You smiled across at him, he returned the smile but it didn't reach his eyes. "Kids, this is Amos Diggory, and his son, Cedric," Mr Weasley said introducing you all. Cedric nodded at you all but you felt his eyes linger on you. You looked away and felt yourself blush. You shook your head and knelt down. "Harry! Hold the portkey!" you heard Mr Weasley yell as it took off. You landed with a great crash on the grass. Or, most of you did. Cedric, Amos and Mr Weasley glided down smiling gently. Cedric offered you his hand. You took it gratefully and smiled up at him. He held your arm slightly longer than natural but you let it go. "Welcome to the quidditch world cup" Mr Weasley said.
  3. You stared at the scene before you; wizards and witches carried muggle items, a muggle ticket man was standing at the entrance, confused,and of course quidditch players were everywhere, signing autographs. "Come on kids, lets set up the tent," mr Weasley said clapping his hands together. You, Harry and Hermione exchanged glances. Hermione, thankfully, took charge and the tent popped up neatly. "Um, Mr Weasley, how will we fit?" she asked. In reply he motioned her inside. You heard a squeal. You followed her in and gapped at the large interior. Harry grinned and the twins wolf whistled.
  4. About an hour later, you all headed down to the stands. In the crowd you bumped into someone, "We have a habit of bashing into each other ___" said a Scottish accent. You blushed ferociously. "Hi Oliver." "You never saw Alicia, well, Alicia," he grabbed a pretty woman with ebony hair, "This is ____." God he had to be the worst introducer EVER. "Well done on breaking my record, you're a promising girl," she said. You warmed to her immediately. Her manner was pleasant and sweet without being false. You'd played Quidditch with her for only a year, but she was a nice woman. You smiled. "Well, must be going. We've booked top seats!" Oliver said excitedly. You laughed and ran back over to the others. Just your luck. Draco and his father. "I've been invited by the Minister of Magic himself," Draco boasted. "Oh shu..." you began. "Don't boast Draco," said a silky, cold voice. You took a quick dislike for the man but you were whisked off by the twins. "Don't get caught up with Lucius ____. He's dangerous, a death eater. Yes gasp but stay away, don't get yourself hurt," said George patting you on the back in a friendly manner. You took a seat next to Harry and Hermione just as some Veelas came on as 'cheerleaders' for the Bulgarians. Men around the entire stadium became transfixed and you covered Harry's eyes until they had gone.
  5. The match was exiting, in the end, Krum caught the snitch but Ireland won. You whooped in triumph back to the tent. Then you heard shouting outside. "Get out!" Mr Weasly called, "Stick together!" You grabbed Hermione and Ginny but missed Harry. You saw Death Eaters, fully robed in shining masks. "Harry!" you screamed as he got trampled. You were separated from the others and found yourself by several burning tents. You heard a shout, then Harry's yell. You saw, from a distance, red sparks. As you took a step back, a hand snapped to your shoulder and held you still. (welcome NeonHedgehog's character Storm Balk) You looked into a pair of chocolate brown eyes in fright. "I'm sorry, relax. But look up," he whispered. You looked up and saw the Dark Mark in the sky. "Who are you?" you asked. "Storm, Storm Balk. I'm in Griffendor." you shook hands and waited until the wizards surrounding your friends had left.
  6. As soon as you saw their cloaks swipe the ground and their wands retreat, you sprinted over. Harry enveloped you in a hug and held you close. "What happened?" you asked. "Someone shot the Dark Mark into the air using Harry's wand. Those ministry freaks got a bit crazy," Fred said darkly. "Harry Potter casting the dark mark?" barked Storm, "That's ridiculous!" you all nodded in agreement as Storm introduced himself properly. "What happened to you ___?" asked Cedric. You related your unexiting story up until you ran over to them. "So you saw him? Do you know who he was?" Ginny asked. "I saw him but I rung no bell, sorry." You yawned and leant against Harry. "I swear you've grown Harry," you said making everyone laugh. "I think we need to go," said Mr Weasley.
  7. You spent the remaining two days at the Weasleys house. It became very cramped and Ron's temper flared more than once, to be fair, so did yours. Mr Weasley drive you to Kings Cross in the car with Bill,and Charlie, who had come for the world cup. As you boarded the train, Bill said, "I wish I was at Hogwarts this year!" "It'll be great," Charlie agreed, "you might see me Ron!" Ron snorted but you paid no attention. "What do you mean?" you asked. "We can tell you, just don't do anything stupid," Mr Weasley yelled as the train left. You all sat down flabbergasted.
  8. I'm sorry but there it finishes! ooh! I'm so mean! Not. You all know what it is don't you?
  9. I think the results are messed up so sorry if some of the results are crazy!
  10. Well, I'll post more soon(ish)!!! I look forward to it! Sage Parson, your character will be revealed soon! Keep going, keep flying the clouds! xX
  11. Sorry, results wise, Oliver is meant to be Draco but I can't change it so if you get Oliver imagine it as Draco, Oliver shouldn't be there! xX

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