Hogwarts Love Story pt 5

Drama, dreams and lies fly threw the castle in another busy year at Hogwarts. Meanwhile, love is in the air between you and seven hot boys. Will you get your dream guy?

Will you get your dream guy? You have from year 3 to seven to get your guy. Get the alternate ending and read all announcements to stay up to date. Stay magic!

Created by: vulturemonem
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  1. You awoke with a start, realising you were still asleep in Harry's arms. He was gently stroking your neck. Then he leaned in and kissed it. You smiled at gave him a quick kiss before dressing in your quidditch robes. You picked up your brothers old nimbus and headed to the pitch. Oliver was already there, as were Ginny and the twins. Oliver motioned you over and ran over the plan again. You had to have 160 more points than Ravenclaw before Harry tries to catch the snitch but he would fein seeing it to fool Cho. " _____, watch out for the pretty, blond haired chaser. The one with the well cared for broom in Angelina's year. She looks pretty but trust me, she is their best tackler, she'll knock you off your broom if youre not careful." you nodded nervously, you needed to score 16 goals at the least.
  2. You mounted your broom and flew to your starting position. Madame Hooch released the balls, Oliver shook Cho's hand but Cho daintily held his hand. You rolled your eyes at Ginny who also looked disdainful. The quafle was released and caught by Ginny. She made a swift clean shot which flew through the hoop. You whooped at your speedy goal. Angelina caught the ball from behind and flew round towards the goal. She was tackle by a large Ravenclaw chaser and threw the ball to you. You caught it in one had and barged off the chaser Oliver had warned you about. You threw the ball hard and the keeper sprung to catch it but knocked it into the hoop faster. Ravenclaw snatched the ball and scored twice.
  3. Ravenclaw kept possession after their second goal and Ginny tackled with no mercy. Luckily, Fred sent a bludger to the chaser who had to swerve but in doing so dropped the ball. You caught it from below and flew to the goal. The even score made you nervous and the ball slipped from your fingers early, the keeper easily saved it which put Ravenclaw back in possession. Angelina intercepted between a pass and scored cleanly. Then Ginny scored two. You slapped your own face to make yourself focus. You flew to the Ravenclaw chaser fast, snatching away the ball. You scored four times. You needed another nine goals if Ravenclaw scored none.
  4. Ginny scored twice and Angelina three. You scored three goals and Oliver made four great saves. Oliver threw the ball to Ginny who was tackeled and threw it to Angelina. She was hit by a bludger so you caught it a foot from the ground. You dodged bludgers and then threw it hard to a hoop. As it went in you yelled to Harry to get the snitch. You flew up to help look for the snitch as planned. But you saw dementors. One flew to the Ravenclaw keeper who fell off his broom but not far from the ground. Then one came for you. Harry sent a light at it but you were falling. The last you heard was Harry's scream as he too fell.
  5. You awoke in the hospital wing. A pair of brown eyes were directly above you. Oliver. " ____, you can't play against Slytherin, it's a disaster!" he said. " easy Oliver, she doesn't know what happened yet." a voice from your left said. A pair of bright green eyes came into focus. " Harry, what did happen?" you asked. " dementors attacked. When one went for you, I tried to save you but it went for me. McGonnagle tried to catch you but Malfoy broke her eye contact and you fell from about 10 metres high. Dumbledore caught me. You broke your shoulder and hip. Madame Pomfrey has fixed your hip easily. She said that shoulders are better healed the muggle way." he said. You sighed. You half took in Harry's broken firebolt before asking, "Oliver, who won the match?" "us, Cho caught the snitch but we already had 180 points to 20 so we just won," he said grimly.
  6. You relaxed a little before a gaggle of students entered the hospital wing. Hermione, Ginny, the twins, Neville, Draco, Ron and Angelina. " that was quite a show, well done!" " you'll miss your school work!" "give it a rest, at least we won!" " are you ok?" people spoke over each other at 190mph. " are you ok you two?" hermione asked. " how would you feel if you'd fallen from 30 feet?" Draco asked cooly. Hermione blushed red and bit her lip. " shut up Draco," you said angrily. He looked at you surprised but said nothing. " has Madame Pomfrey fixed your hip ____?" Neville asked. You smiled and nodded. They stayed and chatted aimlessly for a while, Draco strangely quiet.
  7. Suddenly, the doors flew open and professor Dumbledore strode through. " I appreciate some privacy with Miss Rivers and Mr Potter." he said firmly. Everyone left without a word, something only Dumbledore could achieve. "_____, Harry, the attack from the dementors was no accident. They are getting restless, I will warn you of this only. Black is not all he seems, don't fall for anything Professor Snape says against him. Much is untrue. Miss Rivers, you won't be out of bed for a while though if you feel up to it I'll make sure you play against Slytherin, Mr Wood could do with his full team to win the cup for his last year. Mr Potter, you will be out in about a week I should think. For now, goodnight." he said with a certain twinkle in his eye. " jeez, a nice straight piece of juicy fact would be better than another riddle," Harry said. "now what would be the fun in that?" you asked jokingly. You both laughed.
  8. Harry fell asleep suddenly as his medicine took effect. Draco knocked and walked over to your bed. "_____, how are you?" he asked sitting down. " I'm not great Draco. What did you expect?" you asked sarcastically. "I don't know. Anyway, I thought you might want to know that Griffendor are loosing the house cup." he said calmly. " that'd be because you and Goyle let Harry take the blam for setting fire to the whomping willow, he lost 500 points for something you did. That is kindness and bravery." you said irritated. " you fall for him because of who he is. He doesn't care for you, " he said bitterly. " you're just jealous. I couldn't care less if he survived Voldermort." you said truthfully. Draco flinched as you started shouting at him. He rested his hand on your arm but you slapped his face with your good arm.
  9. Suddenly, his hand moved to your cheek. He pulled you to him and kissed you gently. You pulled away and said, " what the hell was that for Draco?" you yelled. " I don't want to hurt you ____." you slapped him hard. " you already have you moron. Get out!" you said. He stood up looking hurt. You noticed the red mark on his cheek from where you had slapped him. " wait, Draco!" you called but he acted as though you were silent. You sighed and thumped your head back on the pillow. " nice slap," you heard Harry say. You were scared he had seen Draco kiss you but even if he had he seemed unaffected by it. " thanks," you replied blushing. He yawned and you fell asleep.
  10. {dream} you were in the corridor outside the potions classroom. Draco jinxed Hermione and you jinxed him. Goyle ran forward and punched you in the stomach sending you flying backwards. You were caught by Cedric Diggory who carried you back to the Griffendor common room. The scene dissolved. You sat on the Hogwarts express. In your carriage were a post-Hogwarts Cedric, Harry and Ginny. You sat in Cedric's lap and he stroked your face. You saw Ginny on top of Harry having a make out session. You laughed jovially and Cedric leaned down to french kiss you. Then the scene crumble to be replaced with you and Cedric, now both in your twenties, sitting in a field, surrounded by long grasses and daisies. You both sat on a patchwork quilt with a wicker basket close by. Both of you looked overjoyed. Cedric leant towards you and rubbed your stomach affectionately. You saw that it was very rounded, you had to be at least 8 months pregnant. Cedric kissed your neck and you tilted your head towards his and kissed him.
  11. {back to real life} you awoke to someone gently stroking your cheek. Harry. You noticed you were wet with sweat and crying. You leant your head into his chest. He kissed your forehead gently. You stopped crying and began to relax. You breathed slowly and lifted your head. You kissed Harry and he smiled before climbing into bed. You quickly fell asleep.
  12. Shutouts! As usual, natuhleegayle, 5thmarauder and Aria. As always you guys! Anyone who has supported me, thank you!

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