Hey readers, it's natuhleegayle!

Hey, it's me! Natuhleegayle! I have a few things I want to say as well as ask a favor to all of my readers. So, I would really appreciate it if you would give some feedback!

Here's the deal; pick one of my stories and I would upload for all of you to read. You can pick either: Hogwarts Love Story, Life in the Hunger Games or One Direction Love Story!

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  1. Hey guys, it's natuhleegayle! It's been a long while. I know I've been on and off gotoquiz but yeah, i have been really busy actually but I'm here today because I missed you guys and I have a question for you.
  2. As you know, I have three stories in progress here and I haven't been updating them. So, I'm here to ask you guys a question: Which story would you like up?
  3. And for those of you who don't know me or my quizzes; the quizzes surround very popular fandoms. And they are...
  4. All of my stories bring you into the actual story plot, the main character goes by ______. So you can put your name into the story.
  5. The first story is called: Hogwarts Love Story. It's my debut story into GoToQuiz and it's become very popular and successful which I had no idea it would. In Hogwarts Love Story, you are brought into the Wizarding World and you experience how your life would be if you lived in Hogwarts. Right now, you are in the middle of Year 5 which corresponds to the "Order of the Phoenix" plot; so there would be a lot of scenes that you'd find from the book and movie. There is also a sub-plot which is my own take on the story; it's quite confusing if you read the recent one, so I suggest that you should read from the beginning. Oh! And hence the name "Hogwarts Love Story" You have the opportunity to make a character fall in love with you from: Harry Potter, the Twins, Ron Weasley, Cedric Diggory, Neville Longbottom, Oliver Wood, Draco Malfoy and the newest character that has managed to win the hearts of my readers, created by @Bluebird, Reese Parker; the Mysterious American. I'm not going to get into too much detail, so if you want Hogwarts Love Story; just press "I want this." and if you don't, there are still two other stories I have to talk about! :)
  6. The next story surrounds not a fictional fandom, it's actually surrounds the greatest phenomenon since Justin Bieber. Yes, it's One Direction Love Story; that surrounds this British-Irish boyband from the UK. In this story, it basically brings you to the possibility how your life would be if you were to meet One Direction and become friends with them. This series is quite fresh, meaning I only have four releases of the series and not to mention I recently hosted a contest where I would ask the readers to submit a story line of how they would meet a member of their choice that will be featured later on in the future. The story starts off by you, meeting the boys for the first time in their Hotel Room. Yes, a craze directioner manages to make her way to the boys room. Of course, Love Story; which means you will experience a journey to fall in love with one of the members. Again, not going to get into too much detail but if you would like to read that, click my profile name or if you want this story press "I want this." if not, there is one more story I have to talk about. Oh! And Happy Second Year Anniversary to One Direction! :)
  7. The last story is surrounds the latest fictional craze since Harry Potter and yes, Twilight. It is the Hunger Games! It's called Life in the Hunger Games. You take part in the 74th annual Hunger Games, which from the books is also the year Peeta and Katniss participate. You are from District 7 and you along with the male tribute, Cecil Yew are chosen to participate in the Hunger Games. Recently again, I have hosted a competition to search for the remaining tributes and the outcome of the entries were amazing. I literally have at least twenty five pages of entries that I'm going through by hand. Okay, well back to the story, if you read the books, you've seen Katniss' progression throughout the games. Well, this time, you'll live your own story with the training, interviews, winning mentors and actually playing in the games. I know what you're thinking but this story will continue till Mockingjay. How? We're suppose to die! Well, I already figured how I would say you but still have Peeta and Katniss win! There will also be romance in it but it's not a love story since everyone dies. Oh and this is a new series, I've only have two releases out. Okay! If you're in love with the Hunger Games and the other two didn't appeal, press "I want this." And if you haven't made up your mind; feel free to go through the questions again.
  8. At this time, I would personally like to thank everyone who has been supporting me, it's been a year since my debut in Go To Quiz. It's been crazy, I've met a lot of great people and amazing writers. All of the quizzes I've wrote have become very successful by showing up under Featured Quizzes and the Top 100 Quizzes which I might say is really unreal for me. I really couldn't have made it this far without all of you! :)
  9. Oh, by the way; you guys have to choose which story you want because sadly, I can only do one right now. I've been pretty busy, as some may know, for at least two months, I have a IM5 obsession and I've shown the IM5 fandom my writing abilities and it's been hectic. I've received a lot of request regarding to write personal stories for people, I've received over 25 which is crazy. As well as that, I have to write a script for a movie. No, it's not like a Hollywood production, it's a personal thing. So yeah, choose wisely and regarding the results of the contest; they will be uploaded either later tonight or tomorrow!
  10. Anyways, that's all I have to say! Oh and I would like to say thank you to the people who are voting for me as Most Dedicated Author. You guys should def. check out the GoToQuiz Grammy nominations. There are amazing writers that have been chosen and for me to be nominated is ridiculous. I honestly give my best wishes to the others and if you see an author that has been nominated and you really like, you should def. vote for them. I'm unaware the rules but I'm pretty sure it's one vote per category and they have an email for you to submit your votes. For more information about this, go search up the quiz and talk to the creators, I'm sure they'll be more help than I am. Anyways, be sure to check that out and, yeah. See you guys!

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