Wasn't Magic Supposed To Make Life Easier? Part 3

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First of all, I just need to say thanks to a few people, without them I wouldn't have gotten this part out. Those people are: natuhleegayle - Because her series "Hogwarts Love Story" is the one thing that inspired me to make this series, and her quizzes gave me a lot of ideas. xxblutixx: Because her series "Don't Leave Me Hanging" also gave me a lot of ideas. Together with natuhleegayle and a few others, they were the ones to make me start writing!

And now, most important of all: Aria - Because she gave me the strength to continue writing. If she hadn't mentioned me on her quiz "Writers That NEED To Be Recognized (:", I wouldn't have gotten this out. What she wrote about me is honestly the nicest thing someone has done for me in a loooong while.....

Created by: AiFiahK3mE
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  1. You had now another free-period(I don't know what lessons to add next...). You decided you'd go down to the Quidditch pitch to see Daniel, Harry, Fred & George and Oliver practice Quidditch. As you were on your way, you saw that Harry was also going there. "Hi Harry!" you called to him. He spinned around. "Oh, hey Grace!" he replied, smiling. "Going down to the Quidditch pitch? Daniel said the Try-outs(or was it called Trial? Hmm, never mind) were now... Do you mind if I come with you?" you ask. "No, we can go there together" he said, his smile growing larger. "Thanks" you say, also smiling. Both of you walk under silence for one or two minutes. "Why did you offer going with Malfoy to the hospital wing?" Harry asked. "Because he was hurt? Besides, it turned out that Hagrid needed to stop some students from fighting, so it was a good thing I offered." you answered. "It's not what I meant. I asked why you did that for MALFOY." Harry explained. "Oh, he isn't as bad as it seems. You just need some nice words and act friendly towards him, I guess" you reply. "I find it really, really hard to believe... So hard that I won't even waste my time thinking about trying." Harry said. "Fine, don't do it then. I understand if you think that Ron and Hermione and the other Gryffindors are much better company than him, I did it before too" you say, smirking. "What do you mean, BEFORE? Do you consider Malfoy more fun to be with than me?" he asked, jokingly but still with a light serious-ness(?).
  2. "Don't worry about it. I don't think I do" you say, winking playfully. "What? You don't THINK you do?" he asked, worried. You laugh, and begin to run down to the Quidditch pitch. "The last one to arrive in the Quidditch pitch is a flobberworm!" you shout, not looking back. You hear Harry laugh, and run after you. In the end, you end up winning with a few feet's distance. You throw yourself in the grass, trying to catch your breath. "You... only won... because... you started... first!" Harry said also panting as he laid by your side. "It doesn't... matter... You are... a flobberworm..." you say. You two then lay there in silence until both of you had catched your breathes. "Harry! Hurry up, the trials will soon begin!" you heard Oliver call somewhere near.
  3. "I'm coming" said Harry, standing up. "You're lucky you aren't late yet, Harry, 'cause then - Grace! I didn't see you there!" Oliver exclaimed, noticing you. "Hi Oliver, I was just having a race against Harry... I won, by the way, and he's now a flobberworm!" you say, smiling proudly. "Just because you started first. Let's have a re-match later, and then you'll see!" Harry said. "Harry, we need to hurry up now! Will you stay and see the try-outs, Grace?" Oliver asked. "Yeah, that was my plan... By the way, wasn't it YOU who said you'd like if I was here, while you're practicing?" you reply, playfully. Oliver blushed lightly. "Oh, I guess I did, I-I forgot that..." he stuttered. All of you were quiet for a couple akward seconds. "Uhm, don't you need to go now?" you ask. Both Oliver and Harry seemed relieved that they had a reason to leave the awkward-ness. "Uh, yeah, we do! See you later, Grace!" Harry said, grabbing Oliver's arm and running to where the other Quidditch-players were.
  4. [[Fast Forward]]"Okay, the students on the team this year are..." Oliver announced. "Fred Weasley as a Beater, George Weasley as a Beater, Harry Potter as the Seeker, Angelina Johnson as a Chaser, Katie Bell as a Chaser, and Daniel Lopez as a Chaser!" he continued. Daniel's face lit up. "Congratulations, Daniel! You did it!" you whisper in his ear, not wanting to make the ones who didn't get in sad. He smiled proudly as an answer. "You should go and write to mum and dad right now" you say. "I will, don't worry! I just need to tell someone that I'm in the Quidditch team first. Bye Grace!" he said, and ran towards the castle. "He was actually much better than I expected, and I already DID expect good things from him" you heard someone say behind you. You turned around, and faced Oliver. "I know, I saw it too!" you say, smiling.
  5. Both of you began to walk, just for walking. No specific place you were heading to. "I saw you before... You were flying on a..... Hipergriffin? Is that what that creature is called?" Oliver asked. You laugh. "Hippogriff. H-I-P-P-O-G-R-I-F-F. And his name is Buckbeak." you corrected him. "Ah. How was it? You seemed to enjoy it. You were laughing, weren't you?" Oliver asked. "Yeah, I was. You really should prove it some day. It was amazing! Even better than flying on a broom!" you exclaimed. "No way!" he said, playfully. "Yes way! If you want, I'll ask Hagrid if we can fly on Buckbeak together!" you say. Oliver blushed lightly. "W-Well, maybe! I promise - Grace, watch out!" he shouted, pushing you to the ground. Something hit him in his stomach, and he flew through the air. He landed approximately ten feet away from you. "OLIVER!" you yelled. You noticed that you had walked to the Whomping Willow, and that if Oliver hadn't pushed you to the ground, then that branch would have hit you instead. The Whomping Willow moved another of it's branchs towards you, and a third one towards Oliver. "Immobulus!" you shouted, poiting your wand to the tree. The Whomping Willow freezed(not literally). "Oh my gosh, are you okay?!" you called, running to where Oliver was.
  6. "I'm fine... Just a little push." he said, trying to smile as he sat up. "Y-You pushed me out of the way! Why did you do that?!" you exclaimed, kneeling next to him. "It was going to hit your head. If I hadn't done that, you would have wounds far more severe than just a paƤin in the stomach, like me." he explained, shrugging. You threw your arms around his neck. He froze. "Thanks..." you whispered. He put his arms around you, relaxing. You stayed like that for a couple minutes. "Grace?" you heard someone behind you say.
  7. Both you and Oliver backed away, embarassed. Both of you were as red as tomatoes, and the two of you let out a sigh of relief when you saw it was Luna. "Am I interrupting something?" she asked. "No!" you and Oliver say quickly. "Uhm, he just saved me from the Whomping Willow -" you begin. "You see, this branch was going to hit her head, so I had to do something -" Oliver continues your story. "Then he pushed me out of the way -""And then the branch hit me instead -""And now I was thanking him -""With a hug. Nothing more...". "Uhm, okay. I'll leave you two alone, then" Luna said, backing away. "No, you do't need to. Uhm, Grace, I'll think about what you said, okay? Bye!" Oliver called, still blushing as he ran towards the castle. "Before you say anything, no. I'm not dating him, and every word was true. The Whomping Willow really attacked us." you say. "I believe you. Don't worry about it, I won't tell anyone. Daniel told me he did it to the Quidditch team." she said. There. Another thing you liked with Luna. The abillity she had to know the right time to change the topic. "Yeah, he did. He's now officially a Chaser. He was going to tell someone about it and then write to our parents..." you say, thoughtfully.
  8. You and Luna talk about random things as you walk back to the castle(mostly about nargles - whatever that is - and dirigible plums, Luna was mostly the one who started the conversation). Sometimes you forget that Luna is one year younger than you. She acts so... Mature, it doesn't seem like she's in her second year. "What do you have next?" asked Luna. "Uhm.... Transfiguration, I think. Why are you asking?" you reply. "Because it starts in two minutes. I'd hurry, if I were you." Luna said, calmly. "What?!" you shriek. "And you only tell me this now?! I have to go!" you exclaim. "Bye Luna!" you call, running the rest of the way to Transfiguration. You arrive seconds before Professor McGonagall. You take a sit next to Ron. "Lucky you didn't come later. Where have you been?" he whispered. "Long story. I'll tell you later." you whisper back.
  9. The lesson never seemed to have an end. You tried to take notes and concentrate on what Professor McGonagall said, but you always found yourself looking out the window, thinking about random things after a while. You looked at Hermione. How did she manage to be so concentrated, and good on almost all of her classes? Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, class ended. It was your last lesson of the day, so now you were free to do what you wanted. "Hey, Grace, want to hang out with us?" Ron asked, where he was standing with Harry and Hermione. You smiled. "Sure!" you say, walking towards them. (I'm running out of questions - I don't want this to be too long, otherwise it'll probably not appear on the new quizzes-list - , so I'll do a little fast forward) You, Harry, Ron and Hermione had really a great time. You were starting to like Harry and Ron more and more for every minute that passed. You already were great friends with Hermione, but it wasn't in that kind of way with Harry and Ron. It feels like the sort of relationship you have with, for example, Oliver and Neville. Good friends, but also something more... If you could only figure out what.
  10. So this is it! I'm sorry it took so long for me to write that.... I don't really know how to explain why I didn't continue in... Four months? Yeah, four. Let's just say I've never been good at gathering willpower enough to... Do things. Read the shout-outs in the first paragraph, I want to say thanks to someone!

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