Does he like you

This quiz was based totally on what happened to ME in real life. Yes, my 'partner' did all of these things to me before he asked me out. It has been quite a while now and we are still strong. Doesn't it kind of seem like a fantasy life?!

I honestly hope you get the results you were looking for. Remeber it is possible that I am wrong, not all relationships are the same although it would make things much easier! I hope for the best and hope you enjoy this quiz. Good luck!

Created by: Roxy

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  1. Does he stare at you and then look down when you see him?
  2. Has he ever say hit you lightly with an object (pencil, drumstick, etc.) (drumstick was only mentioned from personal experience :\)
  3. WHen you talk, does he stare into your eyes or somewhere else.
  4. Does he tell you how you can improve? (ex: "your hair is in your eyes!", "have you considered wearing this?")
  5. Does he tell you what he thinks of the people who are considered your friends? (Ex: "she seems like a b****" etc.)
  6. Does he seem actually protective when your around. Does he stick up for you or something?
  7. Does he hang out with different people around you than he normally hangs out with
  8. Does he try to make other guys sound bad or stupid around you?
  9. How was this quiz it was my first!
  10. Ready?

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