Which guy will fall for you?

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This little fantasy quiz shows how you are as a person and takes you away , NO THIS IS NOT A REAL LIFE QUIZ ITS ALL FANTASY JUST FOR FUN OK?Not my fault people ^^

So who is YOUR guy?The cutie the hottie or the sexy devil?Choose wisely you never know who you might get!!!

Created by: Meagan
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. You are a beautiful girl but what are your features?(Pick any this is a fantasy)
  2. Hair color?
  3. You are stolen by three guys named Luke , the sexy blonde blue eye'd bad boy , Nathan the hazel eye'd hottie and Cameron the shy cutie who will you choose?
  4. They take you into a beach side house and introduce themselves you find Luke hot out of question but Nathan is such a flirt while Cameron sits in the corner chilling staring at the floor what do you do?
  5. They tell you your going to live with them for 5 years, marry one of them have kids and then move somewhere else agaisnt your will but you have to tell them who you want , you run to your room for an hour starved what do you think about?
  6. You tell _____ you love them they dont say anything and walk out , you want to go with them but your least favorite guy stops you and tells you to let _____ think about it what do you do?
  7. They come back and say yes , as you plan out your marrage your second favorite guy looks at you sadly and wants you badly poor him...What do you say?
  8. Who did you ask to marry?
  9. _____ Tells you they love you and can't belive its happening whilst your second favorite crush almost cries from sadness , you feel?
  10. Last question for now , When you and ____ get married it goes nice but you have a vision of the future that you and the LEAST FAVORITE would've had a much better chance who was your least favorite?

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