jacob or edward who will fall for you?(part 2)

and the saga continues who will fall for you?find out if you take my quiz if you will

there are hotties in this quiz

Created by: kitten

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  1. you wake up in a strange room in a strange bed,you sit up and find that you are wrapped in a quilt but still cold.you hear voices down the stairs. "She's awake."someone said,you hear someone come up the stairs.your first thought.
  2. you jump up and run to the window.you don't hear the door open but a huge hot hand on yours that was about to open the window.you turn around and it is your best friend.that you used to like before you moved to Tenessy with your aunt.you sigh in relife.Jacob is a lot bigger than you last saw him which was when you were both about twelve and he cut off his hair and got a tattoo.
  3. "Oh,no you don't____"you study him then let go of the knob on the window. "is that you jake?"you ask.he smiles at you.you hug him and hugs you back.he laughs."Easy_____ it hasn't been eternity."he leads you over to the bed and you sit down with him."Why am l here and wh-"you trailed off by the sting on your neck.you feel where the sting there is a scab in the shape of a bite mark.
  4. "Where did l get that jacob?"His eyes widen and look down. "You must have fallen in tennessy,"you don't believe him.you stand up and rest your hands on your hips. "Whatever l know you jacob,what happened?"you start to feel dizzy and fall to the ground.your last words.
  5. you wake up in your room and just decide it was a dream you look at the clock and you were late for school.when you get there the kids you saw the day before are standing in the lot.not looking at you but each other like they could read each others mind.
  6. no one else is in the lot.you get out of your truck and run up to the school when someone blocks your way.
  7. let's say it was edward.(don't change your answer it's just how the story goes.)you look up and gasp and take a step back.he looks pained that you are terified."Should l walk you to class?"he asks you are confuzed by his invite."Sure l'd like that."you say and he looks even more pained that you seem to like him.
  8. cliffhanger what do you want to happen?
  9. did you like it?(these last questions don't even matter)
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