Twilight, your romance (part 6)

This has emmet, jacob, edward and seth to chose from, in this you betray edward to go see if seth is ok and to see if jacob is ok, I he gets hurt but will he forgive you? and why didn't he follow? (I didn't include Mike i just thought he is unessasery.)

this also includes the pack and you see sam, the leader of the pack, form into human form, but i don't explain what he looks like so you will have to look him up, but i will explain what they all look like in then next one.

Created by: Hinata

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  1. So edward is surrounded by seven wolfs...
  2. edward lunges at what looks like the leader of the pack, the wolf falls, then anouther wolf jumps out, it was smaller then the other ones, it looked familure to you... you think, then you relise it was seth, "Seth!" you yell from the top of the branch, he looks at you and wimmpers.
  3. "Get lost you stinking mut!!!" edward yells, seth barks at the leader, he seems to be talking to him, the leader growls, suddenly, like he was commanded to, a big brown wofl lunges, seth wimmpers then jumps, he gets hit by the big wolf, he falls to the ground, motenless.
  4. all the wolfs seem to gasp... if wolfs can gasp.. but anyway, they gather around seth, they seem worried, the leader maniges to get edward off himself and runs over to seth, he howls, then suddnenly the leader forms back, seth forms back to. A strang boy is standing there he picks up seth and places him and anouther wolfs back, "Take him to Billy, he'll know what to do." the wolf nods and runs off, anouther wolf lets out a choking sound, you think it was meant to be laghing, he looks to where the wolf was looking and yells, he forms back.
  5. "I got it! that wolf was jacob!" you say suddnly, "How long did it take you to figure that out ____?" edward says jokingly.
  6. The jacob runs off you think the strange noise comeing from him is crying.
  7. You carefuly jump down from the branch, "What are you doind ____?!" edward says, "I'm going to see if seht is ok and arn't gooing to stop me." you hear a wolf snort, you run off in the direction that seth and jacob ran, edward stays where he is.
  8. you run off, you run for twenty minutes and you finaly see a house, you figure it should be 'Billys, you knock on the door and a man in a wheel-chair with black long hair answers the door, "Yes?" he says, "Ummmm, I'm ______, and I'm here to check on jacob and seth if he's here." Billy nods, "Well, come in I'll get jacob, he should be in his room." Billy wheels his way to a door, "Jacob, ______ is here and she wants to see you." jacob comes out, you can tell he's been crying.
  9. You walk up to jacob, he doesn't smile, "Are you ok jake?" he smiles a factune and frown again, "No..." he says misrably.
  10. You walk up to him and hug him, he is suprised by this but he hugs you back, "Do you feel better now?" you say, "Yes, I do." he says and kisses the top of you head, "Ahm... still in the room."
  11. you walkk out of the room, "Look _____, seth is baldy hurt, I feel so bad, he shows you to the room where seth is, you gasp in horrer when you see him....
  12. quick chose!!

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Quiz topic: Twilight, my romance (part 6)