Twilight, your romance (part 5)

This includes emmet, edward, jacob, mike and seth, i hope you have as much fun taking the quiz as i had making it, i hope you answer truthuly and get somebody you like.

this also includes the seven wolfs and thats it hehehe, so i hope you get somebody you like, and if you don't well im sorry but i cant controle the quiz answer, please comment to tell me what you ike and dont like.

Created by: hinata

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  1. Ok,i don't know if we were here but here we go, you lean forward and he does to...
  2. you lean foward and your lips touch, he smiles. You start lean over him but he pushes you sway lightly, "No. Not now." you sigh, "Fine." he smiles.
  3. emmet walks into the room with a smile on his face, "Hey! I'm Emmet and you must be ______. the one who fainted." you blush, "Ummmm yea, so wheres the rest of the family?" "Hunting." he said with a misgvius look in his eyes, yu swallow, "Don't worry, we dont hunt humans, we hunt animals, don't give him the satasfation." you nod but it only made you feel worse.
  4. emmet frowns, "Thanks for roening my fun edward. your such a party pooper." edward chukled as he walked out of the room. "Ummm, edward." he lookes at you, "Yea?" "How old are you really? i mean, you said you can only die when your burned so how old are you?" "Hmmm..." he countes on his fingurs to 5, "About, 116."
  5. you sit there with your mouth open,"You might want to close your mouth." "why?" you say snapping out of it, "Because im going to take you on a little ride." he smiled, "Huh...." he stops by wisking you onto his back, "What are you doing?!" you say...
  6. you say it however you said it then he jummped out the window, you scream as you fly in the air, then he grabs onto a tree, "better hold on." he says to you, he climes up the tree at top speed, "Do you trust me?" he says when he comes to a big gap in the trees, "Ummm, i guess so. why?" he jumps...
  7. he jumps and lands it, "Wow, you are good." "thanks.... dont talk.." he say, he jumps onto the ground and puts you on a branch, "Stay here for me ok?"
  8. You hear growling and cling to the tree, you feel splinters going in but you just can't help it, suddenly 7 wolves jump out of the trees surrounding edward.
  9. Edward growls, "Leav us alone i wasnt doing anything!!!" the biggest one steps forward and growls.
  10. edward lunges at.....

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Quiz topic: Twilight, my romance (part 5)