jacob or edward which one will love you?(part 1)

who will fall for you?edward?jacob?bill?(you:who's bill)noone l'm just having fun with you .take my quiz **********************************************

do you love edward and jacob see which one loves you?********************************************************************************************************

Created by: kitten

  1. you are new in the small sleepy town of forks and you are living with your stepfather charlie.on your first day as you're getting out of your truck you see five beautiful teenagers.the one with bronze hair looks over at you and his nostrils start to flare.what do you do?
  2. you look down frightened and walk up the stairs of the school.as your looking at the map of the school you bump into someone.
  3. the boy helps you up and it was one of the boys you saw in the parking lot the muscular dimpled one,he smiles at you,you raise your hand to your head.you bend down to gather your books but he already has.you thank him and walk off.you go to gym the class you always dread and you run into the bot you did earlier.(you didn't literally run into him)he smiles again.
  4. "Hi,"he says in a deeper vioce,"I'm emmet,you must be ___"you are confuzed no one has ever know your name."How did you know that?"he caught himself."Lucky guess."he walks off.he doesn't come up to you again.instead you meet a girl that was also with the group in the lot."Hi,_____"I"m alice."yousmile at her and she smiles back."Hi."you ask her about the one who was looking at you with that look."Oh,that's edward he just had a bad morning that's all."you nod.do you believe her?
  5. after school you go to your truck and look over to wear you saw him.he's there staring at you again.all of the sudden you are on his back running you...
  6. you stop and it was edward he pins you up against a tree and slowly his head moves toward your neck.you feel him bite you you scream and feel all of the life draining out of you.you hear a growl and he was attacked you colapse to the ground and tremble you feel fire on the side of your neck.you hear fighting then you back out.
  7. do you want to know what hapens next?
  8. what's your favorite color?
  9. fav food
  10. fav type of music?

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