Which Cullen are you most like?

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Team Edward is great-I mean it's so much better than Team Jacob! And even if you don't like Edward, you've gotta love his family the Cullens. Rosalie, Jasper, Alice and Emmett are all so fun and unique!

So, are you a Rosalie, a Jasper, or an Alice? Or maybe you're more of an Emmett or an Edward! Take this fun quiz to find out. Be honest and have fun! :)

Created by: anonymous

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  1. A fun day out for you would be...
  2. What do you enjoy doing with your friends?
  3. How would you describe yourself?
  4. Your favorite color is...
  5. A dream date would be...
  6. Your favorite TV show is..
  7. Your favorite subject is...
  8. Your favorite singer is...
  9. Your favorite ice cream flavor is...
  10. What did you think of this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Which Cullen am I most like?