How well do you know Edward Cullen?

How well do you know Edward Cullen? Show us that you have read the books and know everything about Edward Cullen. Answer all the qustions and get your score. You may be surprised on what you get.

Do you know Edward Cullen? Are you a Twilight fan? Show us that you know all about Edward Cullen and will prove it in this quiz! Take it now and get your score. Prove you are the biggest Edward Cullen fan.

Created by: Bella Cullen
  1. When was Edward Cullen Born?
  2. What is Edward Cullens special ability?
  3. What was Edwards conditions to Changing Bella into a vampire?
  4. Where was Edward Cullen born?
  5. What book do Edward Cullen and Bella Swan get married?
  6. Why did Edward Cullen dislike Bella Swan in the beginning of Twilight?
  7. What did Edward do to Bella on their wedding night, that frightened him the next day?
  8. How old was Edward Cullen when he was changed?
  9. What is Edward Cullens born name?
  10. How many girlfriends did Edward Cullen have as a vampire?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Edward Cullen?