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  • i got 80%.. i think i did good.. but why did you have to say "you could do better"..? just accept my score and tell me "great job!" even if you dont actually mean it.. sorry for being a Karen but im just a little hurt because i feel like everyone just wants me to be perfect at everything and just tells me to do better when im really trying.. :(

  • Umm. Edward had one girlfriend as a vampire. Bella. So... Stupid quiz. And his given name was Edward Anthony Masen...

  • How well did you know Edward Cullen! 100% much!

    Your hot over Edward Cullen! You know all about Edward and must be a fan. You have read the Twilight Saga more than once.

  • 100%. Like I said.

    But Edward's given name as a baby was Edward Anthony MASEN...


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