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If you know about Twilight, then you know who Jacob and Edward are. And if you think you know, try taking this quiz to see.

No 1 is a f mabey only 1 or 2 but they still don't no everything everyine learns something everyday so if you try hard enough you might learn something.

Created by: jennifer

  1. What is jacobs last name?
  2. What does Jacob balck call Edward?
  3. Does Jacob black like Edward?
  4. What is Jacob black?
  5. In the second movie(new moon)does Jacob black have long or short hair.
  6. Does bella like Jacob as a friend?
  7. In the 1st movie twilight who does bella meet first.
  8. What is jacobs dads name?
  9. Who teaches bella to ride a moterbike?
  10. Does Jacob have any brothers?
  11. Did you like this quiz?

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