Just Another "Who Will You Fall For" Quiz

Welcome back!!! Just a recap...umm you just kissed Lucas! That's it really. In this one Jacob will be in it so yeah....Enjoy and Thanks for taking my quiz!

Lucas- flippy dirty blond hair. confident, player Jacob- longish light brown hair with blonde highlights, shy, nice Joseph- your best friend, black hair, has a girlfriend named Teri Teri- your enemy, perfect strait red hair

Created by: Hazdam
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  1. "Well, I love you." Lucas smiles sheepihly. "Umm, uh...thanks?" his smile drops. "Oh. I'm sorry. I came at you too fast. I bet a beautifull girl like you doesn't want a person like me"
  2. "There's onlt one thing I ask from you." "What is it?" "Kiss me" You sit there in shock. With out answering you kiss him! He kisses you back. You have no idea how that happened, but right now you don't care. As you two are kissing, you faint.
  3. You wake up in a small white room. You're laying on a small grey bed. Someone's shaking you awake. It's Joseph! "___! ___! Are you awake?" Your eyes flutter open. What are you thinking?
  4. "You fainted in social studies" "Wha- no i didn't. I was kissing Lucas" You start to think about it. "Joseph looks frustrated. Without saying another word, he storms out of the room.
  5. You decide to leave the room. It's almost the end of school so you decide to pack up. When you're done packing up, you head outside to wait for Joseph. 'Oh God, I hope he doesn't hate me' you think.When he finally comes, he looks happy. It's odd because 5 minutes ago, he was angry at you. "Ready? All right!" You don't move. He starts before you. When he gets to the bottom of the stairs you're still standing where you were. "Coming?" You start to walk. "Joseph, why did you lie to me?" "I don't know what you're talking about." "YOu told me i fainted during my social studies speech." "Oh ___! You fool. Hey how bout you come over tonight?" You tell him no. "Not until you get your head together!" you yell at him. "Youre acting differently latly ____." "Me? being different?!?! You're the one being different!!!" That makes him shut up. You both don't talk the rest of the walk. You try to say bye, but hes so angry, he doen't say anything to you.
  6. You stare as he walks away. You sit down on your front porch stairs. While you sit there looking like you've been through hell, Jacob walks by. He notices you. "Umm...you're ____, right?" "Yeah" "Are you okay?" "Not really." Can i bring you somewhere?" You look up and nod.
  7. He grabs your hand and leads you to his house. "Where are you taking me?" you ask. "Somewhere special. Close your eyes." You close your eyes shut. You hear his voice from a distance. Leading you the way. "Alright! open your eyes!" Your eyes open to a clearing in the woods. "Wah? Oh no! I can't be here! I'm not good with the woods!" You start to cry. Jacob reaches in and hugs you tight, and hugs you tight.
  8. "It's okay. I'm sorry. I didn't know..." He looks down. "No it's okay. I'm just being a wimp." "Let me comfort you then." He leans in and kisses you.
  9. Yay! That's it for part 2! Sorry for the very short wait. (more like 2 days XD)
  10. Oh wait...I need one more question... Um... If you could only litsen to one band for the rest of your life, which band would it be? (no affect)

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