Are You a Fall Out Boy Fanatic???

People say they know so much about Fall Out Boy. Well I am a true fanatic... Are YOU??? Now be careful...the test is TRICKY!!! Take this quiz to find out...

How much do YOU know about Fall Out Boy? Are you a useless fountain of knowledge? I am... Now the wall between fanatics and wannabees comes up...Are you a fanatic or a wannabee? Here's your chance to find out...

Created by: Rae of this site
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  1. What sport did Pete play proffessionally before he was in the band?
  2. If patrick could be any female singer, who would he be?
  3. as of 2005) Fall Out Boy has played how many shows?
  4. What is the name of Pete's book?
  5. True or False?A teacher named Mr. Bishup used to be amember of Fall Out Boy but they werent becomeing famous so he became a teacher. They don't play together anymore.
  6. Which member of Fall Out Boy is obsessed with star wars?
  7. Which member has a rug made of barbie doll hair?
  8. True or False? Pete used to be a HUGE nerd.
  9. Patrick hates to be called what?
  10. True or False? Andy has 2,000 tattoos.
  11. Who is my favorite member?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Fall Out Boy Fanatic???