Who will fall for you? Part 3

The guys are falling for you. Who is possibly going to be the one for you. You found out more about yourself and Jack. Soon you'll find out Charles and Lucas'.

Be yourself and choose the answers honestly. Each guy will develop a relationship with you depending on how you answer. So who do you think will fall for you in the end?

Created by: ColerBear
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  1. He took a deep breath, "if you want to go on a walk with me." He gave you a set of puppy-dog eyes that you couldn't say no too. "Sure, when are we leaving?" Jack nearly hopped around, he was so happy, "now, if you're ready." You smile at him, "I'm ready, lets go."
  2. He grabbed your hand and led you out the front door and into a wooded area, "I have a surprise for you." You smiled at him, "what is it?" He quickly covered your eyes, "a surprise." For a few minutes longer he guided you with your eyes covered. "Are you ready," he whispered in your ear. "Mhmm," you managed. He uncovered your eyes and revealed a blanket laid out in an opening in the woods. A small basket sat upon it, " a picnic?" You turned and smiled at Jack, "this is so sweet!" You managed to wrap your arms around his neck. He laughed and hugged you back.
  3. Both of you went and enjoyed the picnic, talking for hours...and hours...and hours. Until the sun was beginning to set, he told you everything that popped into his head. The story he saved for last was the one of his past.
  4. He took a deep breath and the smile he held all day faded. "I was born into a rich family, and had a very happy childhood. But as I grew, I fell into a bad crowd. My best-friend, at the time, dared me to stay in the forest because no one believed in the stories of the wolf. But just as they found out, so did I. I was attacked and they left me for dead. I'd still be dead if Alex hadn't found me. I had to leave my family behind and try move on." A tear shed from his eyes, "why are you crying?" He looked at you, "I thought I had it under control." He took a deep breath, "It was my love, Emily Camille. We had been dating for two years, we were in love."
  5. "One night," he continued, "I forgot about the moon. She was sleeping so peacefully. I never meant for..." You wrapped him in a hug as he was crying.
  6. A large slam quickly happened and you were on the ground blacked out. [FF] You couldn't open your eyes, but familiar voices spoke clear as day. "Will she be okay?" Lucas asked, panic dripping in every word. "I don't know," Alex answered, fear sunk in his voice. You felt two people holding your hands.
  7. You finally manage to open you eyes, and your vision starts clearing from blurry. You see it's Charles holding your left hand and Alex holding your right. Charles lifts your hand and kisses it gently, you give him a shy smile. Then, your head turns to Alex, whom brushed his hand down your cheek. "You're awake," he said softly.
  8. "What happened?" Your gaze switches to each face. Lucas steps forward, "while you were out with Jack," he nearly spat his name, "you were attacked." "By who," your face was in shock. Charles face dropped, as did Alex's, "by a lesin." You face shows your confusion, "that is?" Alex speaks this time, "it's a ghost like creature, made to attack specific target. I've read about them quite often."
  9. "Is Jack alright?" You look at Alex. He nodded, "he'll be fine. It's you we were worried about. He changed so close to you, we thought you didn't make it." You stand up and feel perfectly fine, "nope, I feel fine." Lucas rushed over and hugged you tightly, "I'm glad!"
  10. "Why did it attack me? Who's after me?" You recalled their explanation. "Maybe we should tell her," Charles suggested. "But what if she reacts badly," Lucas questioned. "I think she can handle it," Alex stated.
  11. "Well it attacked you because there are evil people after you," Alex began. "Who's after me," you said in fear, "why would they want me?" Jack stepped into the room, "His name is Barrow."
  12. "Jack, you're alright," you smiled at him. He returns your smile, "so are you," he said excitedly. "Barrow has been after what you have for over three-hundred years," Alex said. "We've only been fighting against him for half that time. The others before us died," he continued.
  13. "What is it that I have...that he wants?" You asked suspiciously. Lucas sat on the side of your bed, "you have the blood of an immortal...like us." Your eyes widen, "what are you saying, I'm one of you? Like a vampire or werewolf?" They all laugh, "No, your all human. As long as no one kills you, you'll live forever."
  14. Your head falls back on the pillow as you become overwhelmed with this information. "Lets let her get some rest," Alex suggested. They all agreed and each exited after hugging you goodnight, with the exception of Lucas.
  15. "I'm really am glad you're alright," he said grabbing your hand. "Thank you," you smiled at him. "I was really scared that you got hurt," he brushed a hand down your face. He leaned down slowly and kissed your lips softly. He pulled away with a large smile on his face; you grinned back.
  16. With that kiss goodnight, you fell asleep. [FF] There's a crash in the room down the hall and you jumped up. Suddenly, your swept out of bed by two great arms. Being carried in the dark and you feel the cool air of the outside on your face. The only thing you hear is the even breathing of your carrier.
  17. Glad you actually read the entire thing. Thanks! So, who do you hope is carrying you?

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