Who will fall for you? Part 2

Working on relationships are hard, but wait until part 3 or 4 where action comes in. Imagine how much harder it'll be to fall in love when your afraid of constant peril

Be yourself and choose the answers honestly. Each guy will develop a relationship with you depending on how you answer. So who do you think will fall for you in the end?

Created by: ColerBear

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  1. Your face is hot with anger, "why on earth would he bite me?!" "Because he's a vampire!" Lucas spoke excitedly. You shake your head in disbelief, "no, they don't exist." Alex placed his hand on your shoulder, "yeah they do." He sighed, "and I'm an elf." Alex reveled his pointed ears, you gasped with shock.
  2. "And what are you two then?" Your voice was a mere whisper. Lucas took his shirt off, revealing two wings. "I'm, a fallen angel." Jack pushed in front of him, "I can't show you me because I'm a werewolf." He spoke proudly. You laid back on the pillow, this was a lot to take in. "Whoa," you said lowly.
  3. "Come on guys, lets let her get some rest. That is a lot of information to digest," Alex began to shuffle them out of the room. They all left fussing about it; Alex stayed back to talk to you alone.
  4. He turned and sat on your bed. "I just wanted to make sure you were okay. I know it may be overwhelming but I'm were to explain it all." Alex stared into your eyes and gave a warm-hearted smile. He grabbed and stroked your hand twice before putting it down and exiting the room.
  5. You lay in bed a just allow all that happen to you sink in. No one disturbs you or knocks; in fact, there's barely any noise. You stood, less dizzy from before and walked to the door. Just as you go to open it there's a knock. Scared, you fell backward to the ground. "Just letting you know that dinner is ready if you wish to have any." Just on cue, your stomach rumbles loudly. You open the door and see Jack standing just outside, "I was hoping you'd join us. _____, is a very nice name by the way."
  6. He takes you by the hand and guides you to the kitchen. You walk in and see Lucas and Alex already sitting at the table; both with bitter looks towards Jack on their faces. You take a seat in the empty chair next to Lucas. Jack and Alex glare at Lucas' wide grin then smile small at you.
  7. "How do you guys know my name?" Lucas hands you a plateful of food as you speak. You begin to eat, letting the warm pasta fall down your throat. "This is delicious," you smile at all of them, not knowing who made it. "Thank you, I'm glad you like it," Alex had a smile clear on his face.
  8. "I believe the lady asked a question, Jack," Lucas was instigating him. Jack hung his head low and let out a sigh, "shut up, Lucas." "Someone tell me," you said between bites. "I checked your purse," Jack confessed. "What?! Why?!" Jack looked at you seriously, "I had to make sure of who you were." "Who I am? What does that mean," you asked.
  9. "Nothing, you should go off to bed," Alex rushed you up. "I'm not even tired," you protested. "We'll explain everything tomorrow; goodnight, " Alex smiled at you before he closed the door and left you in the room alone. You feel your eyelids drooping, "I guess I'm a little tired."
  10. You awake the next morning to shouting; frustrated to climb out of bed. You see the closet door open and fully stocked with apparel. That lightened your mood a bit, but the yelling insisted. You cracked your door open and saw the four boys in the hall in a heated argument. "What are they possibly yelling at each other for," you whispered to yourself. Suddenly, Jack threw a punch at Lucas.
  11. Before anyone else began to fight you burst through your door, "why are you guys fighting so early in the morning?!" They all stopped and looked at you. "It's nothing," Lucas assured you. "Yeah," Alex stated grabbing Lucas' and Jack's arms, "we'll stop. You can go back to sleep now." Lucas and Jack apologized in unison before Alex dragged them down the hall and into his room. You looked over and saw Charles give you an apologetic look then turn back into his room.
  12. "Great!" You through your hands in the air in frustration and went back to sleep. [FF] A few hours later and you awoke at a more reasonable time. You stood, yawned, and stretched before you searched through the closet for an outfit.
  13. After you dressed you decided that you should apologies to Charles. He was beating himself up about what he did to you. You knocked softly twice, no answer. You knock harder once again, "come in," a tired voice spoke. You slowly entered the dark room, and the room soon flickered with light from a bed stand lamp. You look about the room; pale black walls with red trimming and two simple paintings. "Can I talk to you," you asked. He pat the bed and gestured for you to sit.
  14. "I'm sorry, you know, I over-reacted a bit," you tried comforting him. "No, it's not your fault. But I have to tell you, I meant to bite you," he looked at the floor. You gave him a confused look, "what? But I thought you said you didn't meant it?" He looked at you with smoldering eyes, "I didn't mean to draw blood. We figured the bite would put you in shock enough so that you would just faint. But I bit your neck and the blood just taste so...delicious."
  15. He placed his face in his hands; you pat his back. "I forgive you, stop beating yourself up now," you gave him a smile. "Thank you," he said as he looked up and met your eyes; he returned the smile. He hugged you before you got up to leave. "I'll let you sleep now."
  16. You stepped out Charlie's door and closed it. As you walk down the hallway thinking, heading towards the kitchen with your head down, you bump into Jack. "Hey,______!" He greeted you enthusiastically. "Hey Jack," you spoke and grinned at him. His faced dropped and contorted, as if he wanted to say something. "What's wrong," you asked to stop his expressions. "I was just wondering...if...," He seemed to be tingling with nerves.
  17. What does Jack want?! Not much of one, but cliffhanger! Check out the part three! Thanks for reading.

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